Poseidon, The God Of The Sea

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  1. I want to introduce you to Poseidon, Although its a bit of a late introduction haha almost 6 months late, These pics were from the first day I got him, except the one with him in the wooden box.
    Hes got a diffused down stem, 8 Arm tree percolator, And a ice pinch.
    Basically he's named Poseidon because hes like a god of a bong (Explained Below), and hes blue like water, so it fits, simple as that :p. Hes the first bong i've owned and the first time I used him I smoked with my friend so much I puked. But I was fucked up, the fourth or fifth time I used him I was with my other friend who has been on drug testing for 6 months and he just got off, and he took two big hits and had a panic attack, I mean this kid was falling over and I had to hold him up, he said everything like flattened out and he saw little lights and stars, probably because he wasn't breathing right. Then he proceeded to eat everything in my pantry when he came back lol. Now that I use him everyday iv'e grown used to it, but I still get really fucked up from him if I take a t-break for even a week.
    Forget to mention i got him for 90 Bucks at a convenience store haha, but its quality glass its not cheap, hes been ripping for 6 months strong now, I plan on maybe buying him a sister soon :p Or an ash catcher attachment.
    So what do you guys think of him?
    The other little bowl is named Nemo and I don't use her too often :p


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