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  1. Possibly my favorite show right now. When they hit on a skit it's reaaal gold. Extremely great show to watched blazed and sober.
  2. Out of curiosity, do you live near Portland? :confused:

    I think the show is absolutely hilarious, but I live pretty close to Portland. A lot of people who don't live anywhere near here seem to not enjoy it quite as much, which is understandable. :smoking:
  3. Naw, I don't haha but I'm quite familiar with hipsters though and there's alot in my town. I live in the south east.

    Semi-relatable to a certain extent but I know what they're aiming at with the skits haha

  4. Ahh, I gotcha. I'm glad you enjoy the show even not living near Portland.

    I know there's a lot of references directed specifically at Portlanders. For instance, Portland's old mayor (Sam Adams) played the mayor's assistant on Portlandia. A lot of the restaurants and stores they do skits in actually exist, so it's fun seeing them on TV.

    But it is a hilarious show even without all that. I love Carrie Brownstein. :smoking:
  5. I'm nowhere near Oregon but I can dig it. Sucks to know I'm missing out on some in-jokes but doesn't detract too much. How's everyone liking the new episodes?

  6. I've probably missed a few of them, I think I've only seen one episode of the newest season.

    This character cracks me up every time though.

  7. i dig this show a little bit.
  8. The birthday loan scene was genius.
  9. I think my very favorite had to be the Battlestar Gallactica episode.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njr3aFpTMyQ]One More Episode of Battlestar Galactica - YouTube[/ame]

    I love how many awesome actors they manage to get. Fucking Edward James Olmos? Jeff Goldblum? Awesome. :p
  10. Gonna save the world one party at a time.........Fred and Carrie are comedic genius's.
  11. Yeah I loved the bit with Jeff Goldblum where they each keep taking off their glasses to rub their eyes. Birthday loan scene was great too.
  12. I love that show, dont live anywhere near portland.
  13. I love that show. I like a cross the river. Tokin all day up here in Washington.
  14. I'm in Portland and I love that show. Cacao! Cacao!

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