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  1. so I wanna move in the near future, but I haven't decided where yet. its pretty much a toss up between Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis. but today Portland seems like the place to check out.

    so, fellow members who are from portland: whats it like? I've heard its hard to find a job, how true is that? and does it apply to professional jobs as well as dead-end ones? currently goin to comm college with plans to transfer to a university. if i move out there it'll be a year before i start up school so i can establish residency, so obviously i'd need full time work. I've heard there's lots of stuff to do from a friend that spent the summer there, but he's big on local music, and i'm not so much into that anymore...too much drama and elitism from people who will mostly all do nothing with their life anyways, except maybe get an art degree and have no job

    I digress. I'm just curious to hear what people think of the city, or other cities in oregon for that matter. i've driven through the state a few times but never spent any time there. need something to get hopeful about and make a goal so i have more motivation to get myself out of this desert.

    love living in a city, but having the option to escape and go camping in an actual forest. something i miss from living in california, which is way too expensive
  2. ive lived in portland for about 9 years now, and ive lived in many different cities so you can trust me as a non bias person.

    portland never gets old for people who enjoy Nature, ganja, hippies,parties, beer, the city life...

    we have excellent in city parks, including forest park which is untouched forest centered in downtown portland, also theres plenty of opportunities to canoe, or go boating, considering were surrounded by massive rivers, and only 1 hour from the pacific ocean.

    also we have one of the best public transportation systems in the country, i actually almost never use a car to get to where i need to go.

    i love portland!
  3. Ptown covered a lot of it, it's pretty much a really hippy friendly city.

    Lots of bikers and public transportation, a lot of nature. There's a lot of history about Portland and each part of the city kind of has it's own style and vibe to it. My favorite being the Hawthorne district; 3 head shops in a block radius, a bunch of great locally owned coffee shops and restaurants, good people.

    My favorite place nature-wise in the greater Portland area would have to be the Columbia River Gorge. Miles upon miles of beautiful back roads with a ton of waterfalls and viewpoints along the way. If you want to go for a scenic bowl drive, or just a scenic drive in general, that's the place to do it.

    Also, being in Portland puts you about an hour and a half away from both Mt Hood and the Coast, which are both awesome. I go camping on Mt Hood multiple times a year, and there's always quite a few drum circles going on up there.

    As far as finding a job goes, I've never tried to find a job in another state so I couldn't really tell you how easy it is compared to here.

    But yeah, Portland is an awesome place, as are most places in Oregon. I do love my state. :p
  4. well now portland is sounding better and better...people actually LIKE living there. and hippy friendly is my kind of place, i'm not big on stinky hippies, but they're cool with me so its all good. still sounds better than here

    thanks you 2. anyone else?
  5. oh, and what about the neighborhoods? where are the cheap parts of town, expensive part of town, etc. actually i just care about the part of town i can afford haha...the cheap part.
  6. Well im gonna start with N.E., N.E. has mixed neighborhoods, theres the nighborhoods surrounding the llyod district, and most t=of the houses there are very expensive and nice.
    Then theres the deeper north northeast which is a mixture of hippies/ ghettos.

    Theres alberta and the surrounding area which is up and coming and affordable, and an awsome place to live, there are festivals and street fairs and nice kinda Yuppy hippy shops.

    then theres killingsworth and all the streets north of it which consist of ghettoness.

    then it expands east, becoming more and more suburbish as you go further out, that also means fairly cheap.

    Then theres Saint johns which is the northern most point of portland,
    it is the tip of where the willamette river and the columbia river converge and head out to sea, Its very nice, and has some amazing views, and calm middle class american houses.

    Now, S.E.


    which is Hippies, and ghetto

    So theres belmont and hawthorne districts which are both expensive and full of the hippy scene, with A ton of shops, and foot traffic.

    then the further east you go there more ghetto it gets, then you hit 92nd and boom, your beggining the suburb phase.

    now N.w.


    n.w. has the newest developement with lots of rich people and snooty artisit with there galleries, and theaters.

    and then theres nw 23rd which is a very nice shopping area for art and artsy stuff.

    Now Sw, Southwest is downtown portland mostly, and then theres the hills which are all extremely rich people with nothing better to do than brag, and put up Massive martini glasses that light up near the christmas season.

    and then along with most of the other areas the further west you go the more suburbish it gets.

    for you i would definitley recomend alberta district:D.

    or belmont hawthorne.

    but most of the areas are great

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