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Portland oregon!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Macandcheez, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, i just moved to portland about 6 weeks ago. ima pretty relaxed and easy going person. im lookin for a smokin buddy since all my friends live 2 hours away =) hit me up or private message me, lets toke some bowls then play some xbox or have a jam session.

    Peace and Pot,
  2. portland is sick, good luck out there man
  3. I live in Salem!
  4. Portlands my favorite, best bud around

  5. Welcome to Portland. I'm a Native here and make a decent tour guide. Lots to see and do here, and it's great if you like a good microbrew or few too. First thing is first. Get your medical card in OR. It opens doors. I used The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation. Google it for their number. They are very professional and know their stuff. Hit me up for a bowl, beer, or walk in the park.


  6. Way ahead of ya. got it a few weeks ago. im lookin for some chill ass people to go to the cannabis cafe sometime soon. interested?
  7. [ame][/ame]
  8. I'm down to go to the cannabis cafe with you. Let's hit up happy hour.
  9. I live close to portland. In the beaverton/tigard area
  10. Hey there welcome to Portland! I'm having a 420 happy bbq next weekend sunday the 15th at Blue Lake Park with a few friends. You are more than welcome to join. The event stats at 2pm. After we will be going to Harvey's Comedy Club for a hillarious show. It's a bring your own what ever event. The grills will be provided by the park. There is a five dollar parking fee. Hope to see you there.
  11. You wont get me to meet up with someone for anything, let alone smoking, on the internet.

    Fuck that shit.
  12. The bbq, was a great success. I will be doing another one in the future.

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