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  1. i am a oregon patient looking to go organic, i was interested in using lumperdawgz soil recipe of:
    50% Organic Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (Alaska Peat brand specifically)
    25% Organic Parboiled Rice Hulls
    25% Homegrown EWC

    To each 1 c.f. of potting soil I add the following:

    4 - 5 cups of Canadian Glacial Rock Dust
    1.5 cups of a mix I make up that consists of equal parts of kelp, neem and crab meals

    Water on most days with a weekly application of some botanical tea - Comfrey, Yarrow or Horsetail or a combination of 2 or all 3.

    also wanted to try his tea recipe:
    1 cup organic seed meal (equal parts of organic cottonseed meal, flaxseed meal, alfalfa meal & canola meal)
    1/2 cup Alaska humus (Denali Gold brand)
    1 cup homemade worm castings
    2 tbls. kelp meal
    1/2 cup fish enzyme (fungai development)
    1/2 tsp. BioAg Pure Humic Acid (fungai development)
    1 or 2 tsp. molasses (not necessary but I use it when I need higher bacteria counts).

    6 gallons bubbled water

    my question is where can i find stuff like Organic Parboiled Rice Hulls, alaska humus, and fish enzme? if anyone knows of any good places to pick up these ingredients i would appreciate it.
  2. you don't need those just get the compost and alfalfa at your local farm supply.
  3. welcome (back) to the forum, red eyes
  4. you could try the Portland nursery. call them first. some of the amendments used are also animal feed (e.g. alfalfa pellets, oyster shell) and search for the home made earth worm castings or "4-corners" earth worm castings. It's a local brand with quality performance and retailers near you.
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  6. thanks for noticing.
  7. Well, it's the first place I look (my hand not yours) when I'm missing something.
  8. These 2 places should have all of the organic supplies you'll need.



    Naomi's Organic Farm Supply

  9. Great place. Good prices & nice people.
  10. i am very new to organic growing and appreciate the help. i have never done a grow without some kind of liquid nutirent program (use organicare) and would like help in getting my grow switched over to these soil and tea recipes. i was curious with LD's soil recipe how long after mixing do i have to wait before using, is there any special instructions on how early this soil can be used on plants in different stages, or any other considerations. thanks

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