portland headshops

Discussion in 'General' started by dr dre, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. for those of you portland (oregon) smokers what headshops do you guys go to? i go mostly to incense magic and dragon herbarium
  2. the ones by my house are. up in smoke (right next door to a liquor store and police department)
    and Pypes palace. i personally like pipes pallace better. better selection, will work with you on price, and they have been around for 30 years
  3. ok thanks where is pipes palace?
  4. 4760 N. Lombard St. Portland Oregon


    is in st johns
  5. in the beaverton are we hit up hotbox and tony's
  6. haha yeah i got kicked out of tonys a couple years ago when i was underage
  7. yeah i hate how they did that
  8. Head east on division, there is also one on hawthorne.
  9. Third Eye FTW! SE portland.
  10. Mellow mood is the spot.

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