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Portland/Eugene, OR weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TurtleSocks, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. How common is the weed in the Portland/Eugene OR area and what's the quality of it? How easy is it to get?
  2. Well as I like to say, when your in portland you don't find drugs, they find you. Eugene is kinda the same way.

    I live in oregon and one time have I ever smoked something from here I wouldn't consider dank. We got bomb weed bro.

    Don't try asking for connects on here tho man. Lol
  3. Oregon has the DANKS. should be easy to find too. the second person i asked hooked me up with an 8r for 40 of some of the best nug ive had.
  4. Weed is very abundant. I chill at Washington Park sometimes (by the zoo) and I see drug deals and smoking going down all the time. And if you know the right guy you can get some dank for 10/g.
  5. OR has BOMB ass weed, and it's Everywhere!
    Eugene & Portland consistently have top of the line Grade A+++ herbs, wish I could move back :(
  6. Oregon has dank everywhere especially Eugene and Portland, Im just up north in Washington and we got lots to. The west coast is fully stocked.

  7. Indeed ^ :D
  8. I love oregon. Ill never complain about the herb, or the prices. Its overflowing EVERYWHERE.

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