Portals of nothingness

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  1. Scientists say that the entire universe came from an infinitely small, and infinitely dense, singularity, which expanded out into what we call the Universe, which is still expanding today. Even as it continues to expand, it is still an expansion of that initial singularity. When we want to talk about who we truly are in this equation, we could say we are something like a portal, or a gateway. We are a nothingness, through which all information has the potential to pass through. What we like to call things are really thoughts, and what we like to call thoughts are really things. The two do not differ, in truth. The “thoughts” and “things” fight to sustain their existence, and since they are momentary phenomena, it is necessary for them to latch on to something in order to gain some sense of a lasting existence. They lack any inherent nature, and so beyond the fight to be sustained as entities, they need to be processed by us in order to be separate entities in the first place.

    Information is the essential nature of all things. Pure information populates all of reality. Information is pointless without being processed, which is why it seeks a portal through which to be understood. The portal itself is nothing, but it is only through these portals of nothingness that the information can be processed. We are these portals of nothingness. The information cannot exist without the portals, for the nature of the portals is infinite potential, and a thing cannot exist without the potential for that thing first existing. The source for all things is the nothingness, and this nothingness manifests as portals for information to pass through, something like a black hole. Although the portals are essentially nothing, they contain within themselves all potential information, and therefore it is not so inaccurate to say that the portal is everything.

    Any particular range of information is limited, which is why it is impermanent and cannot sustain itself. We, as portals, tend to identify with a limited range of information, which is why we ourselves feel so impermanent and insignificant. As information passes into your awareness, allow it to flow through you, without getting caught up in it. Recognize them for what they are, limited expressions of your potential as it expands, entering into the portal that is your consciousness. They are not who you are, and through your attachment you make them more than they are, while simultaneously making yourself less than you are.
  2. what portal? i never heard of such a portal before.
  3. singularity

    The term Singularity has many definitions.

    The everyday English definition of Singularity is a noun that designates the quality of being one of a kind, strange, unique, remarkable or unusual.

    For a more specific definition of Singularity we can search The Wiktionary where we get the following five Singularity definitions:

    1. the state of being singular, distinct, peculiar, uncommon or unusual
    2. a point where all parallel lines meet
    3. a point where a measured variable reaches unmeasurable or infinite value
    4. (mathematics) the value or range of values of a function for which a derivative does not exist
    5. (physics) a point or region in spacetime in which gravitational forces cause matter to have an infinite density; associated with Black Holes

    i myself am the strange and unusual.....

    and from where i sit....it is not the same for each of us....
    we each must find our own way thru this mess.....
  4. Another old thread I like that I'm gonna use for my blog :)
  5. I got lost mid-way through the 2nd paragraph..

  6. In what way?
  7. are you saying that we are nothing, and because we want to be something, we pretend we are something, which makes us something?

    Im confused

    are there multiple portals, or is there just one.

    how did you learn of this

    also, does this mean information is conscious
  8. Confused overall. I'll come back to this post later when I can rethink this. Stupidity levels high.
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    i get what your trying to explain

    the thought is like a fractal

    im a bolt of lightening through this infinite matrix....fuck. wait what happened
  10. Doesn't information disappear? Or am I confused?

    Thought I read of a theory that said black holes gets so immense it disappears.

    I need to stop reading.

  11. Consciousness is the portal through which information, which includes all things, can come into existence. This information is the nature of the consciousness, the potential. Therefore the consciousness is aware of itself, and it comes through information, which is all things.
  12. cant you see that in your head dude? how can we drastically change our path? what if it just did? i forget dude

  13. As all things lack inherent existence, they could be said not to exist. There is no difference between "being" and "not being," for it always exists in potential. What we call "non-existence" just means the unmanifest, which is the chaotic emptiness, the potential, which is the source of all things.
  14. we have to be either getting smaller or......stretching and shit hahahaha thats trippy mane
  15. Huh... sounds pretty similar to this guy I used to know that would say "I am a vortex". I like the theory though.
  16. everything is fuzzy dude hahahaa

  17. Your mind is not meant to think outside of the present moment. If there must be expression, express yourself fully. If not, become immersed into your reality. The necessary action will happen on its own, without "your" having to do anything.

  18. What happens when you're conscious of your conscious which would mean you thinking about your conscious is going through your conscious which would mean...

    the end of the world.
  19. This relates a lot with an article I was reading earlier on how athletes minds work! I know not everyone likes to get all sciencey in S&P, but for those that do, you could check this read out:

    Brain Ballplayers: Elite athletes get their head in the game

  20. Wow. I didn't read the whole thing, but that sounds EXACTLY like what I've been discovering in my life. It works with sports, and EVERYTHING! Your minds potential is freed up, because when you are out of your mind the entirety of all things that have ever come into your consciousness can be utilized to guide your actions perfectly. This is as opposed to when you are in your analytical mind, when you are limiting the information you are using to make your decision to a very small amount.

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