Portal = 100% FREE until May 24

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    hey guys, i found this yesterday so i thought i'd share it with u guys,

    Portal is FREE!

    You have to download Steam and create an account to be able to download Portal, but that's also free. Whether you've played this before or not I strongly recommend u take advantage of this because once you've linked the game to your account you will be able to re-download it anytime, on any pc/mac.

    This is an amazing game and even better with some ganja :smoking: SO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! ENJOY!

    EDIT: i just noticed that there is already a thread about this so i guess this is for the people who never caught that one

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  2. excellent a non pirate version!
    thanks bakedmario!
  3. it shoulda been free from the start, i bought this game, beat it, then beat time score/step score/portal score in like 2 fucking days..... it should come with a warning like this "this game contains violence, adult themes, and is mega fuckin easy
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    no problemo, enjoy!

    yea it is super easy to beat plus the game is pretty short especially on your 2nd or 3rd time through, but it's still fun as hell and innovative. at least we can look forward to Portal 2 by the end of the year :hello: Portal 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. hahaha what the hell could portal 2 be....your like running from the govt with your portal gun or something..... cause you destructed GLaDOS
  6. this line alone "Portal 2 takes place hundreds of years after the first game." gives me some hope that the sequel won't be complete crap, plus it's valve, i don't think they've ever made a crappy game.

    and, **SPOILER ALERT**

    GLaDOS is still alive, it says so in the song at the end and it's part of the plot of Portal 2. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing tho because we're probably guna have to "destroy" her once again. i hope it has a better plot than the 1st game..
  7. well i figured GLaDOS has a back up harddrive, or thats a super plot flaw lol technology that thinks on its own all on one system with 1 harddrive my ass.
  8. lol, for all we know it could have been set in the year 3000 when bill gates' descendants rule the world and build GLaDOS under the alias of "Aperture Science", that would explain why GLaDOS has a shitty operating system :p
  9. Great find, +rep
  10. looks great! trying it out now :)

  11. na dude it obviously takes place in like 2005-2007 cause GLaDOS is obviosly on running vista.....hence the destructive properties
  12. FUCK! I'm so mad I missed it :(
    I absolutely love portal. I had it for ps3 when I bought the Orange Box (just so I could play portal :p) but I sold my ps3 and have been dying to play it again but don't want to buy it twice. What's the deal with Valve asking for like $20 for portal?? Oh well:confused_2:
    To those of you fortunate to have downloaded it, enjoy!! :hello:
  13. Damn, that guy beat all the achievements in 2 days? I never did those.

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