Portable Water Heater for CO2 Generator

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  1. Well the UPS guy just brought my Camp Chef Triton Water heater. I thought I would give this a try as a co2 generator instead of shelling out the big bucks! Online research says this unit would have to run about 3 three minutes to build up to a co2 level of 1500 ppm. My ppm3 should be here sometime next week, but in the mean time, I'll get this mounted and plumbed up so it is ready.
    This model activates off of water flow, so I plan to hook up a pump to the co2 controller and just have the water return to a res i have for this setup! Cheap Co2 setup got the unit off ebay for 109 bucks shipped!:hello:
    Will post pics after setup is complete.
  2. yeah but what do you do with hot water? cycle the same hot water in a circle? it would actually create humidity i guess
  3. also curious how you are going to return to rez? you cant heat your rez over 73. so what to do with the hot water?
  4. Ok, sorry it took so long the CO2 sensor finally showed up yesterday. Got everything installed and in my 8'x12'x8' room, the water heater ran for 2 minutes and co2 measurement was ~2400ppm. This is a sealed room for those that want to know.
    I guess I should have been more clear about the res. I am using a 55 gallon drum with a 6" cutout on the lid for the pump and return hose.
    As far as res temps getting over 73, I'm not concerned. This res is only for the heater and with the unit building up to 2400 from an ambient of ~500 in two minutes! I don't think it will be on that long to heat 55 gallons!
    Not nearly as much heat as the typical co2 Generators, and at a 100 bucks! I think I'm going to like it.
    CO2 sensor (basically a cap ppm3 that I built from the DIY on this forum and another) controls a water pump in the res. It starts pumping and the heater turns on instantly. Great for those of us on a budget!
  5. Here are some pictures. Real simple sump pump in tank , garden hose from pump to heater, return hose into res.

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  6. nice.. why not just pump the water right out of the grow space and just waste it... how water in a res is a bad idea... but this is a really great diy
  7. My growroom like most others is in part of the house and there is no easy remedy for disposing of the water. I figure I will try this out first and see what temps begin to do when flowering. But with 55 gallons sitting on concrete in a climate controlled room. I can't imagine the res getting too warm. But I will keep everyone posted.
  8. what exactly creates the CO2? the small wall mounted plastic heater? how does it create CO2 and where did you read that it was a byproduct?
  9. Sorry, I guess I left out that its a propane water heater.
  10. hahahaha... man im tarded.. i even looked at links for this product and it never even occurred to me to read that part... sorry about the dumb question:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  11. thats awsome you could also run the water threw a hose to warm the beds in a indoor grow in the winter HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM i like it.Is the water heater on a timer? where can others buy one like it?
  12. Ebay seemed to be the cheapest place I could find it! Just figure about 110 for unit. You'll need a pump of course.
    I'm not using a timer, I have the pump hooked up to my co2 controller so its only running when needed.
    If you don't have a co2 controller you could use a cycle timer as well.
  13. so the co2 controler turnes it on?

  14. hi :wave:

    this thing sounds like a deal. iv been eye-ing them for about a year now. but just dont know.

    do you have to run water through it? i dont think i can deal w/another rez. esp one that does nothing but recirculates the same hot water...in an already hot room :confused:

    views? opinions?

    THANKS! and awesome setup!:cool:
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    Yes, the co2 controller activates the pump, which starts flowing water and the water heater senses this and turns on. Once water flow is stopped the heater turns off.

    Yes you have to flow water through the unit. You don't have to use a res. You could just run the water to waste. That being said, a lot of people keep talking about res temps. Now I understand each grow room will be different, whether it be size or sealed/non-sealed, but in my large sealed room the unit doesn't run long enough to heat up my res. I can only speak from my experience with the 55 gallon res since I had a spare laying here.
    It seems a lot of people are having trouble wrapping their minds around this idea.
    All this is a cheap version of this: Hydro Innovations | Products | HydroGEN PRO Water-Cooled CO2 Generator

    With the money you save buying this unit, you could spring for a chiller unit and use your existing res.
    There are so many options...
  16. yea I get it the co2 controler makes the pump kick in when the ppm drop below the pre set ppm .When the pump comes on it pulls the water from the tank the propane fires of and the water runs three the copper coils and is heated and sent back to your tank,what you want is the c02 that is the by product of the propane burning of. TADA:D
    where did you get co2 thing? Name make please?
  17. The Co2 Thing? I'm guessing you're talking about the co2 controller. I made it. Instead of buying a cap ppm3 I followed a couple different DIY threads and made it. The main unit is a ventostat 8002. Same unit as cap just doesn't have the logo! I bought the black one as it says it won't discolor like the white version.

  18. um, where? i looked and looked. i could only find new and they were the price of the cheap co2 controllers. ended up buying a refurb off ebay for 200bucks.:) just like yours but white.
  19. and it hooks to the pump by a cord? and its of and running? Nice
  20. Out of all the DIY things I've built for this hobby, and almost everything is a DIY the Co2 Controller and this water heater are the best yet! I've saved a ton of money and I can say I built it! With the help of other peoples knowledge of course!
    Just to put it out there here is the link I used to build the controller: DIY CO2 PPM Controller - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
    After reading all the posts and having purchased all the parts, I ended up using the schematic on page 4. It was much easier for me to follow, so here that is as well.

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