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  1. First of all don't give me any crap like "use google" i have researched a lot on each of these and i am looking for more opinions from people who have not shared their experiences with others. With that said I thank you for taking the time to read this long thread and helping me make the right decision!

    I recently started poking smot around 2 months ago. I have tried bongs, blunts, pipes, joints, gravity bongs and a vapir vaporizer. The only thing other way i can think of is eating it but i plan on that soon!

    Anyways, to the point of this thread, i want to purchase a portable vaporizer for many reasons:
    1. the health benefits
    2. way less odor
    3. more effecient ( save on the money)
    4. the high is more enjoyable

    i decided i want a portable vape because i hate being tied down with cords and my friends and i go on outdoor adventures where a power outlet is unthinkable

    i have narrowed my search down to what seems to be the 3 best portable vaporizers for my situaton:

    1. Iolite
    inconspicuous looking (like a radio)
    uses butane (easy to get and lasts long)
    takes a couple minutes to heat up
    stories of moth piece breaking (cheap replacement part but still)

    2. Magic flight launch box
    almost instant
    easy to hide
    only $100
    batteries (they suck, a lot!)
    no on off switch (manually remove battery every time)

    3. Supreme Vaporizer
    digital readout of temp
    heating block is exposed
    butane jet lighter required
    couple minutes to heat up

    my question is:
    which portable vaporizer should i get?
    please tell me any experience you have had with any of these three and which one you think i should get.

    if you know of another better portable vape in the same price range please do tell!
    OR if there are any new portable vapes coming out please share!
    thanks again!
  2. i have the iolite and i love if u have the money u should definately get it
  3. Everyone is gonna say the MFLB because the Iolite is too expensive...I have an Iolite though and I love it....So easy to just set it down and pick it back up or pass around...You wouldnt regret getting the Iolite...
  4. Ive seen alot of bad reviews about the Iolite.

    MFLB and Supreme, would be better choices.
  5. i own iolite and its ok, only goes to 190 tho so supreme might be best! I sure know its my next purchase in vapes, its what alot of vaporists are reccomending to me for my bong as well!
  6. MF LB for sure, c'mon man you knew I was gonna say it. Just get it. It's really a quality unit.
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    I had an Iolite. Didn't like it. Sold it.

    The Supreme is a great vape, but where it really shines is hitting it through a bong. The bad part is that you need to hold a torch lighter against the heating element for a long time to get it going, and then that exposed element is super hot. One can put up with this when using it at home, but as a portable? On a windy day? Not very stealthy, and you sure as hell wouldn't want to put it into your pocket right after using it.

    The Launch Box is really the best way to go. One of the MAJOR pros that you failed to mention is that it has the absolute best warranty of any vape on the market, regardless of price. It is a lifetime REPLACEMENT warranty. They just won't fix it for you if things go south. They will send you a brand new one, even if the problem was user error, AND, the warranty is transferable if you ever decide to sell it.

    Just do a search here as well as over at the FC site on the 3 vapes you mentioned, and I believe that the answer as to which one you should get as a portable will be more than obvious.
  8. i ordered the magic flight launch box, its gonna be here tomorrow and im really excited, i decided the supreme wasnt exactly portable and stealth and the iolite is too much money and too finiky, lol, im blazed right know!
  9. You made a good, no GREAT choice bro. I myself have never used the iolite, but I'm pretty experienced with weed, and can tell you, the launch box is everything a stoner needs in a vape... except a power cord. The fact that it uses batteries almost kept me from getting it, but once you get it you realize its not that big of a deal. You can easily buy spare batteries and even a speed charger if you like. After using it for a couple days, its pretty easy to figure out a schedule for charging your batteries to insure that you ALWAYS have charged batteries. I haven't bought any spare batteries yet (i bought my launch box 2 weeks ago), because I really dont need any more yet. I charge my batteries at night, and I'm able to get baked twice a day, which is usually enough for me. But yea anyways, your gonna love it. Enjoy :hello:
  10. Great choice, I ordered the same thing the other day (should be here early next week). This looks like the perfect portable vape for relaxing on the beach this summer.
  11. have you used a vaporgenie i had one for appx a year and it was a great vape for on the go.
  12. its very reassuring that you guys think i made a good /great choice, lol, make me feel better! i am taking the ape to a group of people toorrow so i need to find more batterries and a fast charger, any suggestions?
  13. Just get a quick charger for now and the 2 batteries be enough.

    Be very careful when you let other people use it, because although it's very durable and has a great warranty, it heats up very fast and can easily be burned. Make sure you explain how it works and demonstrate if yourself, answer any questions anybody has. It's also a good idea to hold the vapor in your lungs for as long as possible(or until nothing is exhaled) since it'll get you higher(unlike smoke). Good luck man and enjoy your new vaporizer!
  14. I ordered a Magic Flight Launch Box today. Can't wait lol.
  15. Definitely don't buy that energizer 15 minute charger. It will fry your batteries and you'll end up buying new ones and a new charger! Buy some sanyo eneloops for sure and definitely buy a different charger - one that isn't a 15 minute one (if you ordered from vapeworld you get a 2-hour, 4 battery capacity charger anyways.)
  16. overpriced, does not work very well. Bought mine 1 month ago, the new improved version, and if all you want is taste then it is adequate but beyond that it really does very little. The Volcano is still the best. I will continue to seek a quality portable unit and have my Iolite on CL for $100

  17. Well, two things. One, is that there is no best vaporizer, be it the 'Cano or any other vape. And secondly, if you seek a quality portable, the LaunchBox deserves a very serious look.
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    Get a MFLB. I bought one and it came 3 or 4 days ago and i LOVE it.

    it's a great little vape and works just like a real vape should. Only problem is the batteries, but they don't suck that much. If you don't buy extras it's not that big of a deal unless you're using it with friends. The batteries last for over a trench and 2 would probably last for 3 trenches. 3 trenches has you stoned off your ass with this vape. 3 is like laughing so hard you could piss yourself high.

    I love mine and I would be mad if I bought any other portable vape. It's $100, which TBH seems a bit pricey for what you get which is a wodden box with some wires in it, but how can you beat the warranty? Lifetime warranty that covers the entire device, so it's pretty much like you'll have one forever as long as you don't lose it or get it stolen.
  19. Just went to go look up the Supreme Vaporizer. I personally would order this one. Fits in your pocket (obviosly) easy design (simple to function) and the jet lighter is usually included (i think). Pretty much nothing could go wrong with this vaporizer that i can think of, reminds me of the vaporgenie, but has a better design so you dont burn the nugget!

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