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portable vaporizer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lazy727, May 14, 2011.

  1. Anyone here use them or recommend them? Any tips? Retiring from smoking.
  2. MFLB <3. Definatly worth a buy. Fairly easy to use.
  3. What is mflb? How about click and vape? I'd really appreciate some good input.
  4. "Anyone here use them?!"

    Oh man, I feel bad for this guy, he's about to get raped by the MFLB fanboys! :laughing:
  5. eh I don't get hurt over anything on a forum, I just want to learn the ways of vape yoda.
    Please share your thoughts on click and vape.
  6. Guys learn how to use google, shit.

    search whatever question you got and type grasscity after it.

    don't revive a 10 year old thread though. :smoke:

    happy toking.

    on topic- mflb ftw. nothing maches it.
  7. The MFLB is a "Magic Flight Launch Box" it's a little wooden box with a little plastic slide cover. It's a super portable and stealthy vape. I'd recommend it. It works good and you don't have to worry about the smell.
  8. im not gonna search all over a huge archive. either tell me click and vape is good or bad, or be a dick and make posts that bring nothing productive to the thread other than whining. It doesn't matter either way.

    edit:not talking about mlfb, talking about click and vape
  9. Google magic flight launch box (MFLB), the best portable vape money can buy. Odorless, fits in your pocket, easy to hide, and gets you very high.
  10. already got click and vape... lolllll anyone know anything about it or not? seems like not.

  11. If you already got one, then what's the question? Want to know how it is? Use it and tell us...
  12. go to toking tools. there's probably a thread about the mflb on the first page.

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