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Portable vaporizer that uses weed

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by RoachedBlunt, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Yo guys is there any portable vaporizer that looks like a cigarette, pen, or something small that you can put your own weed into?
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    There's the Iolite & Oxygen Mini
    but other than that I haven't read about any legitimate small portable vapes
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    yes there is.. im going to get one next pay check.. its called the Vape Pen.. look it up on google.. its fuckin revolutionary..

    waoh man.. ^^ whats wrong with the vape pen though..
  4. The website says you need cartridges made in a Medical M. Shop. Your sure you can just pack bud in it?

  5. Have you heard anything about it other than their website?
    And that sketchy dude who was on here earlier ranting about it claiming he "invented it"

    It just seems like a very illegitimate product to me

  6. "The vape-pen only operates with the special vape-med formulations. Use of any other material will result in less than satisfactory results and it voids the warranty." - from their website

    It sounds like you need some "special formula" for it to work..
  7. so youre saying you put the bud in the cartridge? dont think soo, igloo buds is right +rep
  8. idk if it counts but i saw the vape pen on a commercial.. it came out during cannabis tv or something like that.. it comes on after poormans bikini beach on saturday..
  9. idk about you guys but i think ima get it and write a review on it on the city..

  10. It also says this

    "Formulas are available to authorized co-ops and dispensories that comply with the legal requirements under California Health and Safety Code 11362.5. Other states with successful cannabis iniatives will also be considered."

    So good luck using it if your not in Cali, with a med card, and live close to a dispensary that sells this company's specific cartridges
  11. exactly, it would be way too easy if they can make a portable vape the size of a cigg

  12. oh well then i shouldnt have a problem with the vape.. man i love cali..
  13. i use a vapor genie for my stealth vaping, it works well enough once you get the hang of it.

    im not sure about how well it vapes the bud but i use the spent herb in a tincture added a little peppermint to cover the weird taste. worked quite well.

    i also have an iolite which i use at home, its not really portable in my opinion. i use the vapor genie as it is much smaller, still not themost stealth.

    in my opinion a small sneek a toke is still better, unless smell is a factor, and its not like the vapor genie doesnt still smell like weed. just isnt quite as strong.

    if your smoking some skunky [potent bud you can still expect to get caught if smell is a problem.

  14. I would think you could use an Iolite just about everywhere, because the general majority of people have no idea what it is.
    idk though, I've never used one
  15. I ordered a Vape-Pen. It works exactly like an Electronic Cigarette for nicotine does.
    It uses a liquid eJuice, similar to honey oil or green dragon, but different. I talked to Will on the phone & he said that their eJuice formula is different from GD and BHO and optomized for use in the Vape-Pen. They have 3 flavors of eJuice available in 3 strengths with full THC & CBD included in the mixture. The eJuice prices are about equivalent to prices of smokable meds in dispensarys. You can vape these almost anywhere because there's very little to no odor. Some Cali dispensarys already sell the Pen & Juice or you can buy both from the Vape-Pen.com web site if you are a licensed MMJ patient. The company is in NorCal but they can ship to other MMJ states.
    I use the nicotine eCig & love it, I'm sure I'll love the Vape-Pen too, it should be here any day now.
  16. Yes, you can use the iolite EVERYWHERE. I am going to start a iolite apprication thread this week with photos of me ripping my iolite everywhere. Down the aisle at the supermarket, on the road, at a ball game, at my local sushi bar, on the beach with little kids right next to you, in the middle of a club, the movie theatre. Doesn't matter. Rip that vape, and if anybody asks, its a adult walkie talkie, and as long as they don't have a badge, they can fuck off if they got a problem with it.

  17. LOL.

    you have the balls of a bull.

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