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    I am fairly new to vaping but I been recently purchasing disposable wax cartridge in my home state of ca and have wanted to buy a portable vaporizer for work. Can anyone name a vape pen under 100 dollars that they would suggest I buy.
  2. For dry I recommend the arizer Argo or the air 2 never did wax or oil though sorry

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  3. I use boundless
  4. This isn't a pen more like a small box . but it works great! Vivant Dabox Wax Kit you can get it on eBay for $37.00
  5. For threaded cartridges? Dab pen? The Mig WASP is a good one as it does both. Dab pen and a, battery for 510 thread cartridges and it's $60

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  6. Loving my Arizer Solo II

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