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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by 2313, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Do you think the pax portable or arrizer solo is the better option for stealth vaping. I just want a nice portable vape that i can discreetly vape with at my house. The pax looks a little smaller and more sensible for my needs. Do you think they would have either of these vapes at my local head shop? I was thinking of checking out "Watch Your Head" smoke shop in Rhode Island if that matters. Thanks for any input
  2. I don't own a vape myself but i've used the da vinci and the pax, and I gotta say I like the da vinci a lot better. Also it's way descrete, it looks like a walky talky
  3. Watch your head haha that sounds better than my lhs... big eds and yea they should have portible vapes.
  4. My buddy has both and likes the airizer solo better.

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  5. I have the arizer solo its amazing
  6. Solo surpasses pax in all divisons except portability and stealth imo.

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  7. I love my arizer solo. It's small and portable and works great. Get a lot of good hits out of it. The pax takes a lot of cleaning whereas the arizer hardly has to be cleaned at all. Plus the arizer's battery lasts longer

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  8. like others have said the davinci vape (the one that looks like a walkie talkie) is very discrete and compact for portability. 
  9. Got the Pax, its phenomenal i love it. Produces fat clouds of vapor with little nug and I've cleaned it once outta 8-10 sessions

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