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Portable vape

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SlightlyStupid8, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. I have the Vapir NO2 and it's BALLING. Got it for $90 on amazon a while back.
  2. I have a Vapir No2 too and I love it!
  3. My girl has a magic flight launch box and she loves it. Cool and simple design.
  4. What else ya got to do in North Dakota, anyway? :p
  5. I know, right? It gets me so stoned on just a wee bit o' weed.
  6. I agree with every one here recomending the Arizer Solo. For the price it is the best thing you can get. Ive had mine for almost 8 months now and It still works like new, and gets me baked right away. The glass mouth piece is held in pretty snug and is perfect to get huge clouds. Its also 14mm so it can fit it to any 14mm bong downstem to get even bigger clouds. Not to mention the simplicity of it. Sleek silver or black cylinder with 2 buttons and lighted heat settings.

    Turn it on and start packing by the time your done it will be hot and ready to go. Stick the mouthpiece into the vape and the world is yours.
    You can buy wooden mouthpieces too which might fit better.
  7. I second that!


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