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Portable vape

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SlightlyStupid8, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. What are your thoughts, I want to buy one, preferably rechargeable battery, not butane and something that is actually portable, (can fit in my pocket).
  2. Pax by Ploom.

    Going to buy mine soon, this is what I've seen that is the most portable, and has the best reviews.
  3. Get the MFLB
  4. I really want the pax... But idk if the problems on it (mouthpiece gets hot & always gotta clean) will be to much to handle and not worth the price....
  5. Solo

    check out the vaporizer section, theres a couple threads floating around with tons of info
  6. Get the MFLB. The price is a tad high but it pays for itself. It's so stealthy and convenient. And it can get you blasted if your tolerance isn't that high
  7. I just ordered the Davinci. It's supposed to be very good.
  8. Dont waste your money on an MFLB.

    Arizer solo

    Long Batter life
    Best vapor quality
    aluminum so its built nice
    fits in a mcdonalds cup
    Easy to clean IF you use a screen.
    looks stupid
    heavy, bulky
  9. I was looking at the arizer solo, but I don't like the glass mouthpiece, and it seems loose in the base.

  10. 1 you just need to wait a second or two for it to cool down.
    2 if you don't want to take care of your shit then don't buy shit.
  11. Just looked at the davinci, I think I like it
  12. You can avoid these problems if you get the MFLB. Its the best device ever.
  13. Check out the mflb appreciation thread. I think that will make the decision easy for you. Mflb is silent, tiny, and you can use it right in front of anybody and they will have no idea you are consuming weed. It fits inside of your fist for fucks sake. Its has a LIFETIME warranty, even if you break it out of your own stupidity. It is the cheapest portable vape. And it gets you fucked unless you toke hash oil everyday. Don't let these guys fool you. Id you want portability, mflb. And the "learning curve" is simple, just slowly breath in man. I believe in you man.

  14. The so-called "problems" are extraordinarily minor.

    I've had the MFLB...I thought it was just ok. It does it's job but not nearly as effectively as the pax. Id rather deal with a warm/hot mouthpiece and cleaning my piece, than having to use a mflb to get high.

    My issues with the MLFB:
    holding in the battery can becomes nuisance once the "i got a brand new, stealthy vape" novelty wears off.
    weak vapor compared to pax, doesn't take nearly as much fine tuning with your inhale to get clouds
  15. ^id you connect your mflb to a water bottle or something, you can get HUGE vapor clouds. But yea, if you spend more money, you nay be able to get a.better quality vapor. I never tried the pax. But if money is an object, as it is to this college student, mflb will save you.
  16. Wish I did that. Now I know life can be better than reality...
  17. I have the puffit discreet vape, it looks exactly like a inhaler it's awesome. It gets me stoned too
  18. I've had the Da Vinci for about 6 months now and I'd highly recommend it. It's really easy to use and super discrete. It goes about 6 sessions on a charge and you can use it while it's charging.

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