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Portable Vape? Need advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JH2012, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Currently, I have Da Buddha and love it, but it's no longer practical to have a desktop vape.

    What do you guys suggest as a good portable vaporizer that best works for 2 people? My friend and I always smoke/vape together so we need a good portable vape that can get both of us a good high. Thanks

  2. Arizer Solo
  3. pulsar 7 if on budget but like everyone else says arizer solo
  4. For the best high? I prefer the Atmos Raw, with a few adjustments. The thing is insane. However, its not 100% vapor. Some people understandably dont like that.

    The pax is great. Smooth, nice oven, really enjoyable vape experience. I personally dont like the cleaning and upkeep. But its a nice device.

    The arizer solo is...pretty good. I think its not toooo portable. Its kind of clunky and i have multiple friends who broke theirs from everyday use. But if its working, its really nice.

    The magic flight is ok for a budget. It really does work pretty well. But unlike the solo and atmos it definitely feels cheap and the battery replacement blows.

    Dont get the davinci. Terrible product.

    I completely disagree with the desktop vape thing btw. But i would get the atmos. If you want true vapor, solo.
  5. I appreciate all the feedback guys. I say that the desktop is no longer practical for us because we don't really have a place to sit down and use it anymore. What is the best place to purchase any of these vapes specifically the Solo
  6. Google Arizer Solo and one of the results says $159 with free 2 day shipping.
  7. The Pax is pretty good. I've used my friends before. It's so discreet we were able to actually take draws in the middle of the mall without anyone noticing we were because if you wrap headphones around it, it looks almost exactly like an MP3 player. However, I don't recommend doing that. We were pretty drunk (damn alcohol) so that's why we did that haha. It's pretty simple to figure out and use and always gets me so damn baked. The only downside is that I feel it's kind of overpriced. I 'dunno man, I'd definitely recommend the Pax if you're looking for discreetness and easy portability, but I think there are better options out there in terms of portable vaporizers. I can only give you my opinion on the Pax though, because that's the only one I've ever used.
  8. I own the vapir NO2 and love it. Often used in college very low odor
  9. I am satisfied with my T1 Thermo-vape.
    Rechargable batteries with some spares make it easy for anywhere use.
    Its also discreet if you're interested in that.

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