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  1. Okay.  Here's the situation.  
    Have been thinking about buying a vape for a while, and decided to get round to it this month.  I found one which I liked at some point for home use - kinda like the SSV but with colourful Ed Hardy style patterns round it - totally forgotten the name of it. 
    I have been smoking many times a day for many years now, and have just found out that I need urgent spinal surgery which has been booked for 5 days away.  In previous surgeries I've always been in remote hospitals where I could sneak a cheeky smoke but this time I'm smack in the middle of a giant city with the only place to smoke being a small square green in the middle of a street with lots of foot-traffic.
    As a solution to this I was thinking about buying a little portable vape, as obv there's much less smell, and could feasibly get away with in the evenings with less people around.
    What vape could you suggest?  It needs to be cheap as it's only ever gonna be used like 3 times, I don't smoke outdoors.  This has just been sprung on me, and I need to order ASAP to make sure that it might come in time as it's a UK bank hol, and my head is a mess and my own research isn't really going too well, just going in circles.
    Was really considering like a click n vape or one of those really cheap 'vapes' on ebay as I would only have to use it 3 times then could chuck it and use a decent one when home... but then read a post on here about MCS... so now not very convinced it's a great plan.
    Just need a way to get some MJ in me - as edibles make my breath stink of offensively pungent canna for many hours afterwards that no amount of mouth washing can begin to touch.  
    Thanks in advance for all the GC wisdom

  2. If you can buy wax, get a Cloud or Source from VapeLife Store, they are about $39 for a kit with 2 pipes and charger, etc. Wax will hit you quickly and doesn't leave an odor. If you need weed only consider a Pax or Arizer Solo.
    good luck with your surgery pal. I hope it all works out well for you.
    The OP says, "It needs to be cheap as it's only ever gonna be used like 3 times", and he needs it super stealth being that he's going to be using it in a public place, and you suggest a Pax or a Solo?
    Get an MFLB.   Cheapest stealth vape on the planet.
  4. Atmos raw is somewhat of a cheap, portable "vape" (more of an electronic pipe) dont get ripped off and pay more than 70!

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    OK for concentrates, not for flowers.
  6. I think the Pax is more discrete than the MFLB but i agree that it's almost 3x the cost. The solo is clearly the largest and also expensive but it produces great vapor and unless you know what it is, you'd think the user was sipping on some kind of drink. Once more, I think that the most discrete vape out there is the Cloud, G-pen, Source, and all the others that look the same. They are very inexpensive, require only one good hit of the wax (for me anyway) and easy to conceal.
    I have heard good reviews on the MFLB but it still looks like the user is taking a hit off of a pipe when being used. It may be small but it's not all that discrete. There's a new pen type herb vape I just saw and it's $99 (sorry can't remember the name of it) but it looks promising.
    I also use my vaporizers in public when I find a bit of unobtrusive space and can do it without calling attention to myself. I hope the guy who needs the surgery gets the vaporizer that works best for him.
    My advice: If you can get wax try a Cloud type vaporizer. Quick, easy. discrete and effective. Cheers.
  7. Hi everyone,
    Thankyou so much for all your replies!  They were very helpful, and in the end I went with... MFLB as it can be held in your fist, relatively cheap and relatively discreet- and it should be arriving tomorrow!  I broke my laptop a day after I posted the question so didn't get to see the last reply until afterwards.. you make a compelling case for pen vapes but it had already been brought.  Maybe next time! Really looking forward to tasting cheese out of it and being able to toke up after surgery.  Ty for the sound advice!
    PS I'm a girl  :p
  8. There's a pretty steep learning curve with the MFLB.    One of the things that is paramount is that you grind your herb to just a notch or two above powder.    The MFLB likes to see a VERY fine grind.    Also, shake it between hits.   Here's a vid to help out: 
  9. Honestly I read through the ENTIRE mflb appreciation thread and thought using it would be harder to pick up from what was said there. I've only had mine since yesterday and feel I've got it down pretty well. Between YouTube and the booklet it comes with it was pretty easy to get down.
    Yeah, some find it really easy to pick up.   Others find it more difficult, and yet others never do find the sweet spot.   I'm of the latter.
  11. That sucks man. -_- after using the mflb I don't think ill ever smoke unless its socially. Definitely gonna look into saving for a nice desktop or some mflb accesories. As far as I'm concerned vaping is the way to go. :)
  12. just a heads up, but the MFLB isn't completely odorless. like if you're worried about people smelling edibles on your breath, they'll definitely be able to tell you're vaping. not trying to scare you, just being honest. A few ways to minimize smell would be open any windows, turn fans on, burn candles, and bring smelly food in. I'd also highly recommend learning how to use your MFLB prior to going to the hospital, as it's likely you'll burn weed when you're first learning (which will smell more). a lower temp will be less smelly, too. Also, grind some weed super finely and let it sit out at home for awhile., this'll cause the smell to dissipate from the herb so it'll be less smelly when loading the vape
    I'd advise you to get a cloud, if possible though. the smell from those smells nothing weed-like, and dissipates extremely fast

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