Portable Smokeout!

Discussion in 'General' started by BAkEd_ZombIe, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. today i was sitting at home just really chilling out. I wasen't gonna smoke because tommorow i'm staying home for possibly my last day of freedom (college,work)

    so i was thinking i want to smoke something out but i dont want to use up like a joint or a blunt just to smoke something out i wish there was something smaller. Then i remeber i have large boxes downstairs for moving stuff. look at one box that is pretty huge i set it on the ground and sit under it. It can fit me my laptop,smoking equipment,and incense all comfortably!! so i get a bowl to test it out to see if the smoke will even stick around. and in no joke 2 hits of the bowl it was smokey.

    i freaked out it got smokey that fast from a bowl!? tommorow im going to be hitting bong loads in there! its also cool because after im done i can move it somewhere comfortabley,even put my marijuana paraphenelia in there or something.

    just wanted to share because im pretty excited now.:hello:

    toke it easy!,
  2. Lol thats sick, put it on your lawn outside, post pics when u lift it up. :D
  3. yah i was planning on lift up pics actually haha. all i need is a a straw stuck in it and i can crawl out and smoke the inside smoke hahaa.
  4. lmao sounds liek some cool shit, when u planing on doin it?
  5. tommorow morning im setting it down in my basement. My bong is pretty huge to so i bet like 1 hit and itll be smokey like a chimney in there. its cool though cause right above my head where i sit theres like a hole that can open and close to let out smoke if it gets to smokey. Which it most likely will cause im smoking till my eyes turn bright red and writing looks blurry.
  6. Thats how I feel about smoking in my tent.

    It's like a portable fish bowl.
  7. I want to do that sooo bad...
  8. YAH haha funny you say that i was actually looking for the tent i played in as a kid before i found the box. How do those work by the way?
  9. Not as well as a box- I had a rainfly on, but there is still too much ventilation for a lot of smoke to build up inside. A joint worked a lot better than a bowl.
  10. yah thats what i thought i was like hmm tent has alot of ventilation.

    yah well i just made it perfect so its a perfect smoke catcher ductaped all the open holes except the one thats above my head. i can close that and open that manually though if i start to get sick from no oxygen.

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