Portable kief?

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  1. well i was
    if it would
    be fine
    to carry
    my grinder
    out or would
    i loose
    my kief? i could
    get so much
    kief if i grinded up
    all of my friends bud.
  2. as long as its not coming open and in your pocket cuz that is the only way you would lose keif is if it falls out
  3. well
    with it
    for hash
  4. uh ya you could definately carry it around.

    but remember to share that keif with your friends then !
  5. If your grinder is magnetic enough/has a tight screw top
    you can definitelly carry it around

    and yeah, share that kief with your friends, its bad karma if you consciously take their kief.
  6. I wouldn't reccomend, most likly all of your noobie friends will try to claim all of your keif as theirs. It can fall out if its opens she it can fall through the screen if it turns upside down.
  7. ya but wont that knock all the kief back into the grinder part? and no my friends arent like to claim there kief who evers grinder it is gets the kief simple as that.
  8. Press it into hash if you want to carry it around. You're better off leaving it at home unless you live somewhere that it's legal in though.

    Hash = Pressed Kief

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9lVBoWTi-o"]YouTube- HOW TO MAKE HASH[/ame]
  9. Yes that's what I said, it could knock the keif back through the screen.
    I got a 2 piece specifically for this reason.

    But why carry around extra paraphenalia?
  10. i want to make it into hash but getting that much keif ill have to wait forever but if i took it out with me and my friends for a weekend ill have more then enough, so how could i carry around a grinder without it knocking the kief around and what not?

  11. You don't. You leave it at home, or mix it with some weed ahead of time.
  12. However you normally do it. Which I imagine would be by not turning it upside down or sideways.
  13. but i turn my upside all the time to get the grinded up weed into my bowl? Has that been knocking my kief out, sorry i dont know im new to grinders.
  14. Grinders are the unskilled way to break up weed anyways. Keep the kief on the bud and learn how to break it down by hand. Don't listen to the kids who'll tell you that it's a waste. The tiny bit that sticks to your fingers is nothing compared to the damage grinders do to buds. They are a brute force approach for people who don't know how to properly break it up. Just my opinion ( after 32 years of growing and smoking ).

  15. im in it for the kief and the handy speed that weed is broken up by a grinder.
  16. That's as funny as people who think getting a big tax return is a good thing.

    To explain:

    If you get a big tax return, it means you paid too much and the government got to use your money. You want close to zero optimally.

    With regards to kief, every bit of kief you catch in your grinder is that much less that was on your bud when you smoke it. In effect you're lowering the quality of your bud so you can have some kief later :confused_2:

    EDIT: As for 'handy speed', the best things in life take a little time to do properly. You can have fast if you want, or you can have good.
  17. I guess but the kief im taking with my grinder would of been taken ethir way, if i broke it up by hand then the kief that i would be saving would be all over my fingures and not even get smoked.
  18. Whatever works for you is cool. I'm just sayin' :)
  19. It's great to have you back this last month or so after such a long return, OSG. I personally like grinders because even though I smoke 5-6 times a day, it is small portions of very potent bud. I don't need too much bud to get to where I believe is optimal functioning level for me as doses go.

    I like saving kief so I can press it and make some bowls very special, like in the morning when I need a real pick-me-up. I do know what you mean about breaking it apart by hand, those are the best bowls for just smoking bud if you are trying to get the best result out of that much weed.

    In the last few weeks I've had some delicious Orange Kush, Afghan Kush, and Jack Herer, all of which I don't regret at all grinding up and making some hash out of, although I also broke some of the ngus up by hand. Check the link in my sig to see them, if you are interested.

  20. I am under the belief that;

    when using a grinder you do not lose any thc, but you would lose it when breaking up w/ your hands or another method, a grinder only saves it instead of it being lost.:smoking:

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