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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by joe grow, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. recently i have been smoking pretty much totally with a dug out. i only smoke bud with it, but i was wondering how i should go about smoking pure hash?

    i dont want to do any of these fiddley hot knives and stuff when i'm out and about AND i cant stand tobacco... so i dont smoke joints.

    so what kind of thing (i assume some kind of pipe) would i need to smoke pure hash easily?

  2. put some on top of your weed in a bowl and smoke it.

    you can use your dugout, but i would recommend a bong.

    hash can be harsh.
  3. when i was in high school we use to put it on a tack start it on fire for a sec and then blow it out and quickly put a cup over it, then u inhale the smoke with a straw, not the best way but u still can get a nice hit...

  4. yeah, thanks man! i was thinking of getting a nice glass pipe sometime soon anyway. and i had considered sprinkling some hash on top of bud.

    but i'd love a pipe that i could smoke just hash from. i think i've seen bowls that you light from the side somewhere before... but i cant remember if they were for hash or not...

  5. yeah, this is a good method! but i need portability.
  6. u could put the tack on the lid of a water bottle and use the bottle instead of a cup, as long as it dosent get 2 hot to melt the plastic.( i haven't try'ed it so i don't know.)

  7. holy shit! that's genius!

    an upside down bottle with a pin in the lid... and a hole in the bottom to suck through... and maybe a carb... (cos i cant be taking the lid off and on all the time!
    and it's be windproof! ha!

    that is a damn good idea! but i would still love some info on pipes.
  8. google (a'maze'd)...its a metal pipe that the chamber zigzags round the pipe. got to look at pics but ive used it many times and its great for bubble or fullmelt, doesnt taste like metal at all. and because of its shape, it fits in and joint, 14mm, 18mm and 29
  9. For at home I would recomend getting a bong with an oil dome / nail set and you can smoke concentrates(hash, bho, whatever) out of that. The bowl has holes on the side of the bowl so the hash doesn't suck through.
    For on the go look up ubi portable vaporizer. It looks kind of like a crack pipe :devious: but seems like it would be good for hash :D

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