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Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by waterhurley, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Well well well... It has been a while GC.

    Lately I have chosen concentrates as my ammo and either my dab pen, or my little rig as my weapon-of-choice. I saw a post on leafly for the new Dr. Dabber boost e-rig and started to do some research. I saw a few portable e-rig's available but they all looked very similar in design. Right now i have a fairly small rig with a titanium nail and butane torch.

    I am not really looking to replace it, but more looking for a portable solution thats a step above just a regular dab pen. Has anyone used these?

    I was thinking of ordering the boost because it has a removable 18650 (and i have quite a few 18650's available) and it has 2 heat settings. Thoughts?
  2. Just picked up one of these works soooo good 1458233283703.jpg

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  3. I just picked up the boost and it's pretty sweet. Heats up fast and works well. Came with 2 titanium nails but the site says its soposed with a titanium and a ceramic. I just ordered a ceramic so I'll see how it compares when it comes in.
  4. Get one of these works soooo good it's a vape but it hits huge 1458859075407.jpg

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  5. +1 cloud v has a 6000mah battery one like this.
    I use a magic flight muad -dib which vaporizes concentrates on a screen to 900'c using miah rechargeable AA batteries.m$100 ebay. Nice design. I'm also vaping by making juice with concentrates. Some people put dabs on their coils

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