Portable air conditioning

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  1. Hi all, has any body got experience of these things. Its that time of year again and i need to control the heat.
    My setup is a room in my attic, actually two rooms and i suck and extract air into and out of the room via rvk blowers.
    When the ambiant air temp reaches 22 i struggle to keep my rooms at 75f to 80f therefore i want to cool the air in the attic down to 19ish giving my 76 in the rooms
    I need noise to be kept to a minimum and weight.
    Has anybody got any ideas
  2. Not used them but been looking myself so am subbed. You might not get much luck seeing as this is in the diy forum.
  3. What forum would you recommend. I wondered why it was getting no hits
  4. Either grow room design/setup, or indoor growing (it'd get most hits there but should technically go in the grow room design one I guess)
  5. Central AC can be greatt cool intake.. All you need is a shoe box ducting, 6" booster fan. More ducting to bottom of tent :) IMG_20160513_195630651_HDR.jpg

    PS. When u can exhaust into a diff room. It's perfect..
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    IMG_20160501_241217704_HDR.jpg . I'm so pumped to see how this vented in AC works! Will be acquiring my inline exhaust fan within the week as well.. Maybe another 10' of ducting to be safe.. Check back in a few weeks if u wanna see how an un biased LED grow goes. Lol. Platinum LED P300 model. (190 actual draw w both switches on. Jus veg is 98watt draw.. ) even tho I'm barely passed seedling stage today I flipped bloom switch on too. The Redder end of the spectrum.. Many owners of successful crops w this light advise using both veg/Bloom switch after first couple weeks..

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