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Portable AC Units

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Tommyt916, May 20, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys, I am thnking about buying a Portable AC unit (Arounf $325). Has anyone had any experience with these? It would be in a closed off 10x10 closet with one outside air vent that brings in fresh air from another room in the house. Any opinions? Pors or cons that I might be missing??
  2. bought a 12000 btu unit for 600 and if u lived in the ne ohio area id give it to u for a song...........hell maybe a few clones and it would be urs
    it doesnt work well for me......keep the warranty and return if it doesnt do the job
    walmart.....sams club do 90 days warr
  3. By portable you mean indoor right?
    If so, one thing people dont realize is they still build up condensation and need to be emptied every day or so.
  4. If you buy the right unit they are a great investment. The newer units have advanced evaporation technology that eliminates the use of a tank and utilizes a exhaust tube. If one does the proper research the proper portable AC will be a great addition to any small grow room.
  5. My room is 10x10x8 and when my AC went out a few weeks ago and it was 95F. outside and my brand new 12,000BTU portable from Lowes would only pull that temp down to 88F,and that was with the required 4" hot air venting out of the room.

    For outside temps no higher than 85F. id say your ok but keep the receipt.

    There are commercial port. AC units which will work but also use ALOT of power.

    If your alternative is not to grow i would try but it all depends on your tempts.;)

    If you got a two hose port AC and did a sealed room with C02 you could grow easily but its not cheap.:D
  6. Some (like the one at lowes)need not ever be emptied.;)
  7. Ah, well thats news to me! Sweet feature!
  8. Thanks Guys. Temps are in the low 80's curently and thats with the door open and exaughst running all the time. Once the door is closed, Mylar is up and exaughst fan is shut off (To release co2) temps will be in the 90's, So I really want to try one of the portable AC units. Since I'm going to add some CO2, Whats the ideal temp then?
  9. Your grow can handle higher temps with higher than norm. co2,normal is 300-500 IIRC and 1500PPM is a great target if you can monitor it well.At that high PPM i hear 85F. is just fine too.;)
  10. Thanks oci. I'm going to grab one this weekend and see how much of a difference it makes for me. I'll let you guys know.
  11. OK Guys, I got the portable A/C but I have another problem that I dint think about. If I eject CO2 into the room, the A/C will filter it out of the room through the exhaust) and I cant keep a good co2 enviroment. My question is...

    If I use that portable A/C to run VERY COLD air over my light (Which is currently being cooled by room temp air) will that decrease the amount of heat that it is throwing out? (I need about 5-7 degrees cooler.)

    Also, is it safe to run staright air conditioned air over a 1000w light? Any help is appreciated!

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