Portable AC recommendations?

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    1200w cooltubed with 450 cfm, 4 burner co2 generator, 6'x5'x8' cge.. thats 240 square feet. Its like a microwave.. The only viable solution in this situation is a portable air conditioner.. I just don't know the first thing about air conditioners. I have read that single hose units aren't a good idea.. and thats about all I know. Anybody have any light they can shed on this situation?

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  2. Get rid of the co2 burner lol

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  3. I lied. I have done about as much research as I possibly could have. It's a closet surrounded by attic, and I plan on blasting both exhausts (cooltube and AC) straight down a 12' long 9"x 9" laundry chute, in order to better mask the heat in my concrete basement. Originally, I figured I could somehow utilize a window unit sticking into the attic, and vent it back around into the laundry chute, but the last thing I want is the damn thing finding a way to leak through my ceiling and into my living room. Then.. I decided to go mini-split, but locationally the closet is the furthest point in the house from the existing AC unit.. and installing another unit outdoors is out of the question. So, it appears my only other option is to go portable. This is the final component to my "no-expenses-spared" recirculating DWC CGE that I have constructed in the past couple weeks. I am down to my last thousand dollars, so I really cant afford to get a shoddy air conditioner that will need replacing. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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    I had a similar situation, I needed an A/C unit but had no option for a window unit. What I got was this here http://www.amazon.com/Haier-Portable-Conditioner-8000-CPRB08XCJ/dp/B0037UVHZM
    It works well I use it to cool about 10'x10' of space. It is a single hose unit though. I tend to use it just as often as a dehumidifier too.
  5. Its a very small area to saturate, so the co2 burner wont run often. My xgc can run either bottled or generated co2 to ppm, but I was hoping to be able to manage the heat from a generator via AC to save myself on missions for bottled co2, as I have read that I will be going through a substantial amount of it, and that LP is a much cheaper solution. I can still return my generator if cooling it with a portable AC is really out of the question.

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