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  1. I did a search and come up empty on the answer I'm looking for so here it goes.

    I just purchased a 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner. I put it in my tent, but the AC is causing a pretty bad negative pressure effect, which normally I would say is a good thing. But what I am worried about is burning up the fan in my AC prematurely because it is having to work twice as hard to cool the tent.

    Is my thinking correct and I need to fabricate something to be able to attach to a duct and run through my port holes?

  2. I wouldnt have wasted money on a portable A/C for a tent !

    Do you have inline fans running ? You can try buying a speed controller and dialing that back to get your negative pressure back...

    im not really sure what your set-up is !

    Good luck !

    Maybe have the A/C outside of the room, and pull cool air from the ambient area into the tent...
  3. I have an inline fan that is pulling air from outside the tent. A 6" Vortex fan 449 CFM. I have had that hooked up since Friday night and if the fan is not running it gets over a hundred degrees in the tent. If the fan is running it stays steady at 93 degrees. Still too warm for my blood. I get home from work and my plant is drooping pretty bad. Not to mention it is raising the temp of the water and I don't want to get root rot. I bought this thing as a last resort. I need to get these temps under control before I kill my plant.

    Right now with the AC running in the tent my temps are pretty steady at about 83 degrees. I can live with that. Oh and yes I already have AC pumping into the room the tent is in, but it is so damned hot outside and the window is open to vent the exhaust. The AC is doing zero effect to cool the room. The rooms ambient temp is in the high 80's even with the AC running to that room 24/7. I'm wasting money running my AC for that room.

    Right now I have one of my passive intakes partially open to not put so much strain on the AC unit, but now I'm worried about light leaks. :mad: Damned if I do, Damned if I don't.

    If this thing doesn't hermie it will be a miracle.
  4. I am willing to help ya figure it out, posted in your grow thread.
  5. The reason why you have your room in a negative is because you do not have enough intake air.

    What are you taking your pressure readings with? And what are they?
    Most portable AC's have a squirrel cage to cool the condenser, which will effectively move air in a range of static pressures. Even in a negative the squirrel cage should move plenty of air for that unit.

    Open your passive intake all the way get as much cool air flowing through that room as possible. That will decrease the negative in your room.

    With that much CFM I doubt your portable AC will effectively cool your room past 80 degrees

    My suggestion is pull as much air ass possible, from the coolest spot in the home. Keep the window closed the AC will not cool the room if it is constantly being exchanged.

    Just one passive intake and one 6" vortex exhaust? where is the exhaust located?
  6. Hello to all, i know this is a old post, but i have a similar problem sorry to hijack your post man!!, I just bought a portable ac (8,000btu) 800w put inside my 6.5 x6.5 ft tent with 2 400w MH 8' ducting reflectors and 8' can fan, exhaustin out through a window in a semi sealed window, and completely sealed tent inside room....my temps are 27c (80f) at the most with the air running at max 18c (64.4f)......im still in veg and think dont need it as much as in flowering, but still summer here is HOT.... i will switch to 2 x600 HPS and it will be even hotter....so I think there is too much extraction CFM (scrubber) and a lot of negative pressure the tent sucks in....I try to open all vents but stil tjhings are not workin so good maybe a fan controller might do the trick and cool those plants down.....thanks in advance

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