pornstar hospitalized after too much dick lol

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    A German porn star has been rushed to hospital after blowing a world record attempt.

    Sexy Cora, a 21-year-old adult film actress, was attempting to break the oral sex world record for a new porno film by “servicing” 200 men in Hamburg, Germany.

    The German porn star was almost halfway to beating the record when her attempt to make the history books had to be called off. The porn star had just “pleasured” her 75th man when she collapsed. She was rushed to hospital suffering from breathing difficulties.

    Sexy Cora, whose real name is Carolin Berger, recently made headlines in Germany after being arrested for filming sex scenes for another porno in a family park in broad daylight. She is currently on bail and facing indecency charges.

    It is unknown whether she will attempt to break the record again.
  2. LOL. You think that by the 75th you'd figure out how to breathe through your nose decently.
  3. ahahaha lmao thats funny as hell

  4. haha yea you'd think so, i think that after the 2 or 3 pounds of semen she swallowed she just suffocated lol
  5. thats funny. but sick
  6. I think that if it wasn't suffocating, she'd be rushed to the hospital for semen-stomach-pumping reasons.

    ...stomach..too....full...of....semen...tummyachee ahhh
  7. imagine telling the doctors at hospital "yea she just sucked up 75 guys you think that could be the problem doc?"
  8. The world record is only 200 bjs? Shit, woulda thought it'd be a lot more
  9. haha what if you were the 76th guy in line and you were waiting for over an hour and you're thinking "yes! my turn next!" and then she just passes out. LOL
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  10. Or the guy that has a passed out girl chompin' on his dick
  11. haha i'd rather be the 75th guy; "yea she sucked off 74 guys like a champ, but she was no match for my dick!"
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  12. I'd be the 76th guy who doesn't stop just because she's unconscious :ey:
  13. haha what a slut

    i guess u can make money doing anything today
  14. i was the 75th dude. no joke. she opened up her mouth and then i blew her brains outt

  15. :eek::confused::hide:
  16. btw, she got a big ass nose (not the good kind) and her tits are too fake


  17. hahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!
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  18. the should of just let her lie there and turned it into a gang bang. time is money.
  19. this thread is so much win.
  20. wha...fake...huh?!


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