Porch Love

Discussion in 'General' started by Misc, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Mmmm sometimes I want to make love to my porch, just roll my penis all over its concrete slabbiness. I think it deserves the love; it has given me much in times of need. The thing that makes it so great is that it offers security and complete peace. Much love to my dorm dwellers, but man being a smoker is so much easier in an apartment/house with a porch.

    I lived on-campus last year, and we smoked in a bench in the middle of some sparse woods... with a major road in front of us, and an auxiliary one in back. We almost got caught once.. a cop shined his flashlight down into the woods from above, and we jetted... somehow getting away.

    We were always paranoid, because there were so many outside forces encroaching upon us.. cars, people, etc.. Now I sit on a porch, with no one around at all, and smoke bowls in good company to my heart's content.

    I don't miss dorm life much at all. It was good for meeting tons of new people, but it's not the most smoker-friendly place. We've went back and smoked at said bench a few times, and it's never quite so enjoyable as this cricketing/frog warbling wasteland that's sitting before me as I type this.


    Anyone feel me?
  2. I type in clear English. How can it not make sense? I want to F U C K my porch.
  3. i agree dorms blow. Apt with porch is godly. So relaxing. You can control everything. You can get really blazed and shout at people walking
  4. Yeah, thats the wtf part.

  5. if you dont have a rocking chair on your porch, i advise you to get one now. it amplifies the pleasure ten fold.

    first time i got my rocking chair on my porch, i smoked, and rocked back and forth for the next three hours, watching the moon and stars and shit.
  6. or this...
  7. i give my porch a good fuckin about once every two months. just to show her i still appreciate her being my porch.
  8. Yes! I feel like a god when I am on a 2nd or 3rd floor porch, I can call people assholes and they can't do anything but frown!! bahaha, careful though they might really be an asshole and wait for you to come out of apartment.
  9. Okay so I got carried away.. maybe we'll take it slow.
  10. Man, you ain't shit. The porches FLOCK to me man, I gotta fight to keep them off me. Porches can't get enough of the Glass Jar sex machine. So don't tell me about porch love, man, because I know all about it.

  11. do you smash yourself against it over and over and let people cut their feet while trying to avoid you?
  12. lol yesssss. love front porch smoking- what i'm about to do riiiight.. now.

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