Porch Grow, 2-Wonder Woman, 2-Urban Poison, 2-White Widow

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  1. Hi All,

    I am just starting my grow journaling experience. I have also started an indoor journal today. I'll try to keep them both updated but I won't make promises. However, if this journal makes it to the end it should be cool. I did the same type of outdoor grow last year with nice success.

    Anyway, here we go:

    -All seeds were feminized and from Nirvana (nirvanashop.com)
    -They are starting/sprouting in a 4x2 grow tent (generic)
    -The medium is basic Lowes potting soil; the kind that claims "9 months of fertilizer"
    -The seeds were initially sprouted using the paper towel method
    -They are growing under 18 h light cycle
    -The 4 lights are 23w CFL's, 6500k
    -Theses little gals are 2 days old
    -Once they are large enough, they will be transplanted and begin enjoying natural sun light

    Thanks all.

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  2. Get your lights closer (1-2") and sidways with reflectors if you can, the far left and right bulbs are doing nothing and the middle pair are far enough you are gonna get some serious stretching problems. Nice tent, makes my plywood box look like a joke.

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  3. Thanks Scab Herb. I dropped the lights lower after I finished taking pictures. I will move pretty quickly to 42 w CFL's; I put them under the 23 w CFL's only for about a week before the switch.:smoke:
  4. If your gonna keep throwing money at it you'd be better off going to a proper tube light, I think. I'm limited on indoor space so I have to use cfls because of width restrictions. If you are gonna keep adding to the cfls from what I've read on here and on the boxes you get more lumens from 2X23w than 1X46w in your case get some Y splitters and double up on bulbs.
  5. Hey, Thanks Again, Scab Herb,

    I actually have another tent for flowering. The tent/plants in the "outdoor grow" thread that you are viewing are only for the vegetation phase of growing. I've been using this approach for young, vegging plants for a while. At this young age, I don't really have to pound them with lumens to get me to the flowering phase. I also used to use this set-up to keep mothers. It's pretty basic but it works well. However, you were right and I did have my lamps a bit high on day two.

    My flowering tent can be seen here:


    I started documenting the indoor ladies on the same day as this thread for the (future) outdoor ladies.

    Talk to you later.
  6. Hi There,

    Not much to report. Slow and steady. Day 5 of veg.

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  7. your a few days ahead of me. really interested to see how the white widow plants do. i'm trying 6 this year as well from g13 labs. if you get time check my journal out man, but i'll definately be checking this grow out the whole way. goodluck!
  8. Hey Outdoorgrower1,

    I'll definitely check-out your grow. I'm hoping my grow goes as well as last year. It should be fun to watch. I have a few unorthodox things I'll be doing during my porch grow.

    Last year I started about a month later than this year so I'm guessing there should be a substantial difference.

  9. i started late last year as well, and got the jump on things this time around:)
  10. Hi Everyone,

    Slow and steady. These girls are at day 13 of veg and grown from seed. They are starting to add leaf matter more quickly.

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  11. Hey Now,

    Day 19 of flowering. One of the Urban Poison plants seems to have slowed it's roll. I am going to sprout another seed as a contingency plan. The worst that will happen is I will have and additional girl to tend.

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  12. i could almost guarantee u those roots are all over the bottoms of the cups. i'd transplant to bigger pots if i was u, but that's just my opinion. i started mine in those same exact cups, and they were rootbound in not even 2 weeks! after i transplanted u could see the growth pick up. maybe thats why u noticed a little slowing
  13. Hey Outdoor,

    Yeah, they need to be transplanted. I'll do it today or tomorrow.

    As for the slow urban poison, there is something else happening but I'm not sure what it is. The little gal is behaving like a recently cut clone. I'm just going to assume it won't make it and start a replacement/backup seed.

    They will have new homes in a couple days.
  14. i clicked on the pic and it looks as the little plants soil is way more dry than the others. did u try giving her some water? i wouldnt just give up on her. i think she will make it man...
  15. I won't give up on her. I'm just going to start another, extra seed while we're still in April just in case.

  16. I noticed since the beginning that you had one that seemed a little behind. Is this the same plant? Did you figure out what the problem was? I'm very interested in this grow as I have just started my first grow. I got 2 feminized urban poison from nirvana. They just broke ground yesterday and one seems to be a bit behind like yours was.

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