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Popweed is it possible?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flamingnugs, May 14, 2010.

  1. So i have been comptemplating this for quite a while everyone knows that when you burn weed seeds they explode. I was thinking if you got alot of them you could possibly pop them just like corn. Also if they don't pop now would it be possible to hybridize a poping marijuana plant
  2. Anything is possible but in this case it's highly unlikely.

    What you can do is lightly roast them and eat them like any other seed or nut. They are tasty and high in protein. Great on salads.
  3. Dude your probably high,.
  4. the only time a seed should "pop" is when a little white taproot makes her way out. Leaves the seeds for the dirt or water.

  5. Hemp seeds have the most complete protein of any plant. Only soybeans have a higher overall protein content, and even that isn't as complete in that it doesn't have the same broad amino acid profile.

    If you don't plant them, eat them :)
  6. Weed can already pop if it's not cured and/or flushed right.
  7. Someone even put them in a microwave. Didn't work. Exploding seeds is a myth, and seeds are bad for anyone but breeders.
  8. No, seeds do explode at times, especially if they still contain moisture. They do not pop like popcorn though.

  9. haha thats some funny shit^^ never even thought of that
  10. Damn I was hoping to have some delicious popweed for my next movie night but whatever I'll have to try roasting them. And for all u people who keep telling me to plant them I already have I just have a surplus of bag seed and wanna get rid of them creativly lol

  11. Haha yeah man, I'll take a large popweed and a large mountain dew to go with my Iron Man 2.

  12. I'll bet Tony Stark has a nuclear powered vaporizer :eek:
  13. Cannabis seeds do not have the same strength as popcorn kernels. The inside needs to reach a much higher temperature before they burst to create the fluffy goodness.
  14. fixed!
  15. A solar powered laser vaporizer :eek:
  16. Oh you guys... missing my fix on OSG's post... or you don't remember that that's what he invented.
  17. I might have to invent one. The motto for the product will be "Vape the green while BEING green!"

    I actually am working on adapting the laser from a Blu-Ray player into a lighting device for herb. Not even kidding :)
  18. Hey osg look up kipkays blue laser lighter he puts a burning blue laser into a lighter body and you can lit stuff on fire with it lol
  19. I've seen several designs from other people already. I'm trying to rig one so it fits over a bowl and you can just light it with a push of the button :)

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