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  1. when you were at school / college what would you consider 'Popular' ?

    would you consider yourself popular when you were there?

    Do you like/dislike popular people?

    My little sis has been taking shit from kids at school she calls the 'popular kids', thoughts?

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  2. Wow this shit still goes on? The whole 'popular - loser' stereotype? What is this, a 90's high school soap opera?

    My school was the opposite, there were 'nerdy' kids, but they were embraced by everyone. We had football players playing in the band, and everyone hung out with everyone.

  3. About the same situation in my school. However there still was a slight popular-loser stereotype. I was friends with a lot of guys and gals and generally a good guy (not trying to brag or anything) and I guess I would've been considered as "popular".
  4. I was popular because I was leading scorer on the bball team & track team was good in HS.

    To be considered popular at my school you just had to have the best clothes & shoes. haha

    In college I'm not popular just a familiar face to most. I get around....:cool:
  5. lol.... my school was pretty normal. Only due to the nature of boulder, the stoner population out numbered any other "group" of people, even though it spread throughout every group as well. But there were the clear cut separations between the groups, the cafeteria at lunch was where the "preps" (as we called them) would sit, which consisted of the athletes, cheerleaders, "hot chicks", and the rich snobby people, and they were even separated further into the groups i just listed lol. Then towards what we called "the sac (student activity center, aka, you just kick it there)" was where the people who played magic the gathering and all the anime obsessed people chilled (I dig anime, and i used to play magic, so dont hate on me for putting them in a group, they did that by themselves) Then in the SAC itself, was stoner ville... every and anyone there was high, or on the way to get high.... then we had the creek, which is where you could smoke cigs, also another large stoner hang out....

    Though i was in a group that in my highschool was very very small, and limited... the metal heads..... but we were tightly woven into the "stoner group"

    I never really saw the school as separated like that until i was graduated... when i was there it was just all a big fucking mash up of high people.... and there were stoners in every group, so we all ended up hanging with eachother here and there and it wasnt much of an issue lol
  6. You have afew 'popular kids' and then lots of people bum licking them and trying to be them.

    Personally i'm not into all that materialistic fakeness. I just build up a j and chill with my mates, I don't need to buy into the latest trends to be accepted by people I dislike
  7. I was AC Slater
  8. when you were at school / college what would you consider 'Popular' ? Someone who knows a lot of people.

    would you consider yourself popular when you were there? Yep.

    Do you like/dislike popular people? Uhm no.

    My little sis has been taking shit from kids at school she calls the 'popular kids', thoughts? She should ignore them. Bullying is something that will always exist. They are retarded and want attention, don't let her give them that attention.
  9. I would of considered the kids who thought they were the shit to be "popular" but to me that just means everyone knows who they are, not necessarily likes them, especially when they're not around.

    I wasn't popular. I disliked popular people at the time because I was foolish. Now I couldn't care less if people want to get attention. All the more power to them.

    I'd just tell her to ignore them. Nobody's bullshit is worth changing your own life for.
  10. I was pretty much the loner, artsy kid. But then, when I transferred to the highschool I graduated from, the artsy kids were like the football players. I kid you not. Everyone was high. Everyone was making art. It was pretty nice.
  11. I thought American schools were all like the one in Mean Girls :eek:
  12. There really weren't any popular kids at my school, unless you count kids who simply hang out and get along with everyone. It was a smaller school and very few people didn't know each other. If anything people associated on grade lines, IE Grade 8's with the 8's, 9's with the 9's ETC.

    Tell your sister not to take shit off anyone, to realize that "popular" is an illusion, and that these kids are no better than anyone, but for the way we treat them.:smoke:
  13. Never gave half a fuck about any of that.
    toke every day with enough close friends to count on one hand and two feet.
    I wouldn't call myself "popular", however, I am outgoing. I haven't even thought about "popularity" since like, 7th grade?
  14. Man, I was one of the few black kids in my school so everyone knew who I was... Was always cool with all different kinda groups... you know, token black guy kinda deal. And then there was alotta kids who were scared of me, cuz I'm black...
  15. High school was pretty small, so everyone talked to everyone for the most part, but there were a couple groups that I could point out.

    Group of preps, who were generally smart or just seeming to put themselves above everyone else, although they didnt tend to do anything, they just had the air as if they felt superior.

    School oriented's, not really worrying about much else besides getting great grades, but not nerds.

    Gamers - played video games. Pretty much it.

    And then in the last year a stoner group emerged, and they mostly were with the gamers.

    I tended to float wherever, and was one of the most popular ones in the school, but that tended to come with the territory when you're one of the only guys hanging out with the seniors in junior year, you just tend to have respect even after they graduated.

    I dislike the popular kids who feel entitled to everything - if you're chill with it and just like being able to insert yourself wherever(into a woman or a conversation ;) ) theres no issue, but when you start shitting on other people you devolve to asshole.

    Tell your sister to get involved in sports and to talk to upperclassmen and hang out with them - its like a safety net.
  16. My school didn't have enough people to be "popular"
    but I didn't really associate with too many people
    so I guess the answer is no
  17. I wonder what other kids though of me in high school. I certainly wasn't a part of any social group. I have some ideas, but who knows.
  18. i was a band geek and the "popular kids" didnt like anyone who didnt play a sport or do cheerleading, SO, no i wasnt popular and i didnt get along with the popular kids. its whatever though.
  19. I was that really quiet guy that talks to no one and never goes to any parties.

    That being said, before high school my best friends were the so-called 'popular' group. So we remained friends through school, but i never hung out with them. I considered them more of allies than friends. Like if anybody messed with me, they would have my back and kick their ass. So i was oblivious to inevitable name-calling/school bullying cause of some friends i met in middle school :D

    So i was affiliated with 'popular' kids and was actually friends with most of them, but i rarely saw them outside of school... My ex told me it was weird that they were nice to me since all of them were jocks/ stereotypical-suburban-douchebags and i was sort of an outcast.
  20. The more I think about it, the more it seems like I had a clusterfuck of personalities. I do graffiti so there's my artistic side, I toked and still do, I played a helluvalot of soccer, I love clothes and shit. Especially shoes. I gamed a bit and partied a lot. Damn, I fit in like every group. No wonder I had a lot of friends.

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