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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Broosh, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Now, we all love poptarts.
    and if you don't, you don't matter.

    and we all know that they are delicious either COLD or HOT.
    now, some prefer cold, some prefer hot. we all know that, but lets coexist and just say that they are delicious both ways. and by hot I mean thrown in the toaster and heated to perfectionnnnn.

    BUT, do you think there is a flavor out there that can be enjoyed while hot, but NOT cold?
  2. I just ate a cinnamon poptart and it was cold but fuckin good. a big "wtf" for this thread tho.

    Im usually too lazy to whip out my toaster.
  3. cherry is soooo much better hot.
  4. bastards reminding me how much i enjoy solid foods haha..nothing but yogurt and ice cream on my end for a couple days probably. getting the wisdom teeth pulled didnt really hurt at all during the operation but my face is fucking sore now..damn vestigial appendages and damn doctors with there weak ass 5mg hydro scripts
  5. Sorry dude but,
    I don't like poptarts

    of course I haven't had all the flavors but the cinnimon and chocolate ones are
    just too plain and dry to me
    is there any really fruity flavors someone would recommend?
  6. I don't like fruit ones that much. Smores = epic.
  7. I think the fruit ones are only good toasted. I wish that they offered more poptarts without frosting. The frosting ruins them.

  8. Werd...
  9. are you crazy?? the frosting is the best!

    dude cinnamon and chocolate are the worst! try strawberry or cherry they are amazing!!
  10. pilsburry toaster strudle kicks pop-tart's ass any day.

    but they're not THAT bad.
  11. probably some chocolate flavored poptart would be tough to enjoy cold vs. hot.

    strawberry owns tho. as does blueberry, cherry, and all the other fruity flavors :)

    i dont like the chocolate/smores/coffee/whatever ones too much
  12. i loooove poptarts. eat em everyday.
  13. yeah..i only like the fruity ones...specially the berry ones....u kno..them purple ones...mm mm mm
    i could eat like 4 boxes a day...
    same with the berry toaster studal..again..yes..the purple ones...
  14. 3 words

    Strawberry Milkshake, baby.
  15. Every toaster strudel dreams of being a poptart

  16. fuck naw toaster strudel is like pop tarts on steroids.
  17. I have a Toaster Strudel every morning, sometimes I'll have the brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tart, the cinnamon roll one is pretty good too.

    Of course S'mores is very good, they seem to disappear quickly!

  18. eat these after they've been frozen while high.they're orgasmic
  19. Hell yeah, let's take you outa the red bro. :)
  20. Wildberry.. with the blue frosting. FUCK. YES.

    S'mores: AWWW YEAAH

    Choco Chip: Mmhmm

    Cookies 'N Creme: DATS RIGHT!

    Poptarts are solid munchies good in any fashion. Frozen, room temp, and scorchin'.

    I have to say...the strudel does kick the tart's dick in the dirt.. :poke:

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