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  1. So the other day I was reading this thread on GC...


    I have made poppy seed tea once before about a month ago and I am a believer, that is the shit. I used .6 lbs in tea and got big time stoned. so this seemed like the best thing to do next.

    So First I boiled about .8 lb of poppy seeds in a pot for about 10 mins and then strained them out with some coffee filters and a plastic colander.
    Then I returned the brown water to the pan and boiled it away.
    and little bit later..
    then I scraped the shit out of the pan until I had a nice large glob of viscous black tar.


    I also felt it would not be a bad idea to go for a 2nd wash..


    this wash resulted in a greater yield but much different end product. this time I was left with a bigger glob if red goo that later turned into a flaky red rock


    I am going to smoke the first wash now, I'll throw a smoke report in an half hour or so.
  2. Eat it. If the alkaloids are there, they'll be better utilized in your stomach. Smoking may destroy them.
  3. I actually knew that, but I am experimenting with smoking it first, after smoking a pea sized piece I feel like I just smoked a couple gravity bongs

  4. this may be worth a try, eh
  5. I am gonnna go with yes on that one, I feel really good and really stoned right now, unfortunately you have to smoke a good amount to get here. hopefully I will have the real deal soon enough ......


    heheh, I'll be the only kid on the block with real opium...

  6. after smoking about 1g of this stuff I am going to recommend to anyone who tries this not to smoke that much.
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    and are you sure those are Papaver somniferum poppy plants your growing.

    theres a shit load of different poppy plants

    an were did you get your seeds
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    I ordered them online from a seed distributor, I only bought somniferum strains. I would post a link bought isn't that frowned upon here?
    edit: what was I thinking this shit rocks I am gonna keep smokin and then tomorrow I'll eat the other half
  9. o really,no i have my own sources,i was just wondering cause most people make there opiuem extract and poppy seed tea from the seeds at the store,and those dont really work enless you get lucky.
  10. then I would say I am pretty lucky because the giant eagle by my house is well stocked with these pretty good seeds. I am looking forward to harvesting my own real opium soon though. there also a few pot seeds sprouting in there that will at some point this spring wind up out in the woods.
  11. thats pretty good cool bro

    good luck

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