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Poppy pod tea

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by FTG, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Well I made some poppy pod tea with 12 decent sized pods. The tea was way too disgusting to drink so I put the tea in a plate sized bowl and into a convection oven for 12 hours @ 150 degrees. After it was done evaporating I did my best at scraping up the goo with a razor. I ate all I could which was prolly 3/4 of it, the rest was stuck to the bottom super hard. After 2 hours all I feel is a slight opiate buzz, nothing too intense. No euphoria just heavyish limbs. My guess is my body can't digest this fucking goo cause it's so god damn hard. I put almost boiling water on the crusty part of the bowl again to make a small serving of tea and the shit is hardly coming off the bottom, it's not really soluble anymore. I'm assuming my stomach is reacting the same way.

    Anyone ever eat the poppy goo before?
  2. I've never eaten the goo, but Ive made the tea out of ten pods....grind them up as much as possible or put them in a sock and smash them up with a hammer (thats what me and my room mate did) and then put them in ALMOST boiling water, not boiling. Shake them up for like 20-25 minutes and then drink up. I didnt even think it tasted that bad and it fucked me up good
  3. When I filtered out the chunks I put them in a glass and put more almost boiling water on that and strained that into a separate container. I just drank that 45 minutes ago and feel much better than I did from eating the goo. I'm going to drink some of the goo that I rehydrated now.

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