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  1. Long story short, there is a chance I will be losing my v-card later this week if I don't bitch out (again)

    I want to hear stories (good and bad) about girls losing their v-card, just so I know what I'm in for. I also want to hear the guys' point of view-- what was it like taking a girl's v-card?

    Lets hear it yall
  2. I took a girls virginity once. Im never doing that again, under any circumstances. She turned into the biggest ho ever, even though she knew I wasn't interested in still having sex.

    And its really gross. Theres blood. Ewww bad memories. Bad sex.

  3. hahahaha damn....
    shit I kinda really like this guy but if its gonna be that bad... I don't want to do it with him first :confused:
  4. I lost my virginity on my 17th birthday wooooo. It was short, but good and actually not awkward at all. So good memories!
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    it hurts at first, even if you're really turned on. it's hard to explain, because it still feels good. it was awkward (think about the first time you made out with someone), but the more you trust the person you're with, the better it will be.

    I didn't bleed at all my first time. even if you do, it shouldn't be a big deal, really. just remember to relax and have fun, and it will only get better!

    my first time: I lost it to a good friend of mine who I started dating soon after. we had hooked up a few times before, and it was my idea. we had been hanging out with friends earlier and drinking, and were maybe a little buzzed by the time we did the deed.. I was pretty happy to lose my v-card, and in retrospect, I'm really happy I lost it to him. we're not together anymore, but it's true when people say you never forget your first. it's not as big of a deal having sex after your first time (the whole idea of "losing your v-card" seems kind of overly intense), and it's good that you like this guy.
  6. I've taken a few.

    And every time, I'm like.. "awww yeahhhh"

  7. lmfao. why do you like it so much? How many of them bled or felt a lot of pain?
  8. I guess it's the thrill of knowing I'm the first to get all up in that, ya know?
  9. Lost it when I was 20, but hey I wanted to make sure it was a guy I loved and trusted.

    He is pretty big, and yeah it was painful at first and there was a little blood but really it was not as bad as a lot of people made it out to be. The first time for me was a little painful, it wasn't bad but it didnt feel that great either. I was just very happy and turned on at the whole experience and being intimate. Then after the first time everything was soooo much better. Dont worry about it, and I think its good that you picked someone you have feelings for, it will make the whole experience better for sure.
  10. Didn't hurt me the first time, I had turned 17 two days before but I had finger played a lot and drank a bit and his dick wasn't very impressive at all so less to cause pain down there. I didn't feel anything though, nothing like the sex I get with my Husband now. (B
  11. Hmmm... it wasn't anything at all to lose my virginity. Everyone makes such a big deal about it when they shouldn't. I walked away completely unchanged and completely myself. I never bled, most girls don't anymore but it was just a tad bit painful. I got over it like 2 minutes in though. Just don't make a big deal about losing your virginity and no one else will.
  12. No pain, no blood- not awkward, but the sex wasn't good or bad. He didn't last but a minute or two (maybe that was a good thing?) That's how we atarte the evening- then went out & partied.
  13. My first was a 15 year old 100% Colombian girl with a nice ass, amazing tits and tight pussy. Loved it.
  14. So do all girls turn into hoes after they lose their virginity? Or are there still chances that she would like to stay with the guy she lost it with?
  15. I found it awesome that my girl saved herself for me. If you both care about each other, and are comfortable with each other. It will be an awesome experience. I wouldn't recommend planning a date or time to do the deed, just let it happen, and communicate with your partner. Tell him what works, and what hurts. :smoke:
  16. FTC, here's what you can expect at the least. On your part, a little scared because all the pain stories, depending on your hymen there may be some blood (hence popping the cherry) and possibly be short lived.

    I'm sure you've masturbated and I know 2 girls that lost it to dildos just to avoid the embarassing "mess". So I suppose thats one way if you are worried, but not what I recommend lol.

    Personally as a guy, my first time sucked. She had no idea what she was doing, bent it a couple times, my dick was sore, teeth scraped and raw. Took me forever to get off which made her try harder and she rushed. I didnt want sex after for months because I was scared lol.

    Ive taken a few since, including my now wife's. I learned from mine to be patient and loving.
    I completely ignored that area while making out. Took my time kissing and touching her for the longest time. She was the one that started touching me first and when she did, I slowed her down and let my kisses go all over until she was arching her back. Without being too graphic, I let my tongue soften her up down there until she stopped me and said, "please...". THAT look on her face was so beautiful man. I slowly pushed the tip against her and let her lift into it to "pop" it. There was some blood, about as much as a light-normal period amount, but I didnt care nor did she.

    My best advice, go slow. If it feels rushed at all, slow down. The more natural it is and the more your body wants it, the easier it is. After all it's just sex, but its the people that make it special or not.
    I can honestly say that we have the best sex now, compared to back then. Explore his whole body with yours and let him do the same first because a lover that pays attention to your needs is what makes great sex. Only you two can make it a special memory.
  17. This. I'm a guy so the pain isn't an issue but I defiantly wanted to know how my partner was doing. Communication is key and as long as you are comfortable with the person you are doing it with then it should be very enjoyable, no matter what "embarassing" thing(s) happen, it will not matter.

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