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  1. Ok so here is my first grow box and my first grow

    Ok so first Materials

    An old PC box
    MG Organic Potting Soil
    1 Daylight 6500k Fluro
    Temp. and Humidity digital
    Light Timer
    2 Computer fans
    Aluminum foil
    Small clear cups from albertsons
    30-ish Bagseeds from some regs

    And an experimental item im going to add to one plant its English Toffee Concentrated Beverage Flavor Drops






    You cant see the last one very well but that is the experimental thing im using im hoping it makes the weed have a toffee taste

    I dont have any veg. or flower lights yet im looking for some if you have any ideas on some that cost less than $100 it would help alot

    Well ill keep more pictures and updates as it goes
  2. How many plants do you plan on growing?
  3. just 4 its all i can fit
  4. if u keep them in clear cups it might kill ur roots.
  5. You're gonna need a lot more light.
  6. I dont think the aluminum foil is a good idea
  7. Well after germinating them i planted the best 4 i could find i tried to water the soil but it was so moist that it just passed right through so i just put a finger in the soil put the seed in them and planted them also im getting another Daylight 6500K tom. and im going to hook it up im going to keep the aluminum foil as it is already in there and im just hoping it will work but as for the clear cups im putting black electrical tape over them well i hope to update again soon with a sprout

    Wish my little babys luck
  8. ok so ive planted them and its been three days and i havent seen anything am i being impatient or do you think they are dead
  9. Help please
  10. Give them another day or two. I planted my seeds after I germinated them and they had like 1/4" taproot on them. Took two days before I saw any sprouts.
  11. Ok only two out of four are growing but im still happy about it These are shitty images but its all i can do but here they are

    This one im going to call Slim cause he is an inch long already

    And this one is Buster since he is small and started slowly

    Idk if there growing fast or if thats normal but when should i put the other light in there the temp is 81-85 and humidity is like 31%
  12. You need to get rid of the tin foil.It is not a very good reflector.It caused hotspots which will burn your plants in some areas and starve them of light in others.

    Get some mylar or white emulsion
  13. yeah what i did was put of pieces of white paper and covered every inch of my box
    its a cheap solution but a bit time consuming
  14. What would be the easiest way to attach mylar?
  15. Ok well im back with an update on my plants i also installed a CO2 Maker using an IV drip bag and a cup of baking soda

    This is both of them...

    This is Buster...

    This is the IV drip bag into the cup...

    And here is the star Slim...

    Also idk if you can see but Slim has some leaves turning a lil yellow i wonder if anyone can help with it...any input would help i water them every night i just use a lil bit of water and i only have 1 6500K watt compact fluro still and the soil is organic

    But any feedback would help thanks
  16. Nice. This right here alone tells me you care about your babies. However, there are at least 3 things you've been told that it doesn't look like you've listened to: 1) you need more light ASAP; 2) git rid of the foil ASAP; 3) you are killing them in the clear cups. Bear with me a little, I'm going to go into detail about each one.

    1) From the pics, it looks like you're using a 23w or so (100w eql) cfl. You need at least 4 of those. I am not kidding. The picture is fuzzy and I can't tell the exact size of the bulb, but even if it's a 42w job instead of the smaller 23w, you still need to get 3 of them. I know it's a small space (and you *will* outgrow it even with one plant very fast, start looking for a bigger box now :) -- remember, these are voracious little weeds!) but 1 cfl will not grow anything beyond 6", unless maybe it's a monster 105w bulb (500w eql) or bigger. The rule of thumb here is you need at least 100w+ per plant in cfl watts (actual cfl watts, not incandescent equivalent watts).

    And get the plants closer to the light! Put some books under them or something. With a cfl, the closer the better. I'm talking like within an inch. Literally. Light diminishes by the square of the distance (if you're twice as far away, you're getting 1/4th the light, not 1/2).

    2) Using foil like that is just bad for your plants, especially so in such a small space. Either take the suggestion of replacing it with white paper, or just take it out. You'd be better off with nothing. It looks shiny, but it is a terrible reflector. White paper reflects more light, honest. And the light that the foil does reflect, some of it gets focused like a magnifying glass (remember burning ants with a magnifying glass as a kid?) and some of it gets diffused and scattered everywhere else BUT the plants. Just get rid of it.

    3) You are killing the roots with the clear cups. Think about it, roots are normally underground and aren't supposed to get light. By using clear cups, you are exposing them to light. This kills them. Kill the roots and you kill the plant. If you don't want to expose them to the shock of transplanting right now, at least put the clear cups inside another type of cup which is not clear, or wrap them in black duct tape.

    Sounds like you're watering too much. Without using a moisture meter, watering every day is going to be way too much, especially in cups with no drainage. As someone has said (can't remember who right now), overwatering kills more plants every year than the police. So get yourself one of those triple-meters that does light, ph, and moisture. They're about $25 and worth every penny.

    Also, that "6500k" on the bulb is not the watts, it's the spectrum. This is the second time you've mentioned it instead of the real wattage, so I think maybe you're confused about the cfl numbers. The spectrum number refers to the visible wavelengths the light puts out, not how bright it is. 6500k is "full spectrum", which means that it puts out most of the visible wavelengths equally, as opposed to, say, 2700k which is "warm white" and has a more yellowish color. 6500K is what you want to grow, it is fine for vegging and flowering (although some people suggest switching to 2700K for flowering, to mimic the more diffuse natural light spectrum of fall/winter).

    So the spectrum doesn't tell you how bright the light is, that's what the wattage number is for. And this may be a little confusing for cfls, since they usually have two wattage numbers on the package. One is the actual cfl watts used, and the other is the "equivalent" watts, which is what size a regular incandescent light bulb would need to be in order to look as bright. The actual cfl wattage is usually about 1/4th the incandescent equivalent, so a 23w cfl would also say "100w" somewhere on the package to let you know that it's as bright as a normal 100w bulb. And as I said before, for growing you need at least 100w in *actual* cfl watts per plant (not the incandescent equivalent watts). That may seem like a lot, but it's pretty hard to have too much light and very easy to have too little.

    Take these suggestions, and others that you are given, and you should do fine. Remember, people make suggestions to help, and are usually doing so because they were once in your shoes making the same mistakes.

    Good luck!
  17. Thanks alot it really helps i cant do anything about the light cause i need another plug and i think i need another timer i can change the clear cups and they DO have drainage i drilled holes in the cup i planted them in and put another cup underneath it but ima take out the foil and see if i can find somthing else and as soon as i can ill free up my closet and just put them in there
  18. Well my mom found it the other day and she isnt making me get rid of it so ive decided to make 3/4ths of my closet my grow space so im cleanin it out right now and ill have to figure out how im going to make the holes for the lights and how im going to light the whole place well ill be back later with pictures of it hopefully it will work out
  19. your mom found it?! damn, if my mom found mine she would kill me,

    thats why i have it in a secret hiding spot lol

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