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Poppies Thread

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by overgrowray, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. I'm not sure if theres a thread for poppies yet this season but here i go. How many poppy plants should i grow to get enough for a high or two a month? I got this poppy in my front yard and i'm not sure if this is the right kind or not (i'll try to get a pic up). Does anyone else in here got a poppy garden this year? I have some poppies i started inside that i'll be taking out soon.

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  2. Oh, and whats the best way to get the opium, extraction?
  3. looks like somniferum to me.

    depending on where u are in the will go thru the same sort of cycle that weed does.

    veg., flower, mature, ripen.

    if that is really a picture of ur plant, then its gonna start to polinate itself over the next few weeks.

    then lose its petals

    they then form a 'rose hip' sort of structure. this is full of resin that u need to harvest. when fully ripe, u rap some tinfoil around the base of it and with a very fine razor...cut the hip in longitudal cuts. do this in the hot dry season...which is when it doesnt rain and usually they ripen. should ooze for about 5 days tops.

    sun dry that and give me a call in about a week after harvest.

  4. oops im sorry.

    i didnt look at the leaf.

    no that isnt the right kind. i think its the california poppy. still can get u stoned but way way way weaker and not worth it.

    but if u HAD opium poppy which can be grown anywhere in the states and even self seeds itself here in the north, that is how u do it :)
  5. Um ok thanks dude.

    I heard that if you cut off the first main pod that it will produce more pods than normaly, any truth to that anyone? Well theres a poppy i got out back that i tried it to, to see what will happen. I didn't think that poppy was the right kind, i'll probably still scrape the pods anyways. I have about 6 poppy plants i started in a grow box that i'll be putting out. But i shouldn't get pods until next year. I just want to get a feild growing down the road from my place. Them should be the right kind, i got the seeds from a friend of the city.

    Is there another good way to extract the opium though, by using the whole plant? Because isn't there opium in all of the plant even the roots? I thought the seeds were the only thing with no opm in it.
  6. hmmm...

    well its an annual plant. and i dont know if 'pruning' will be ok...seems to me that u are kinda stuck with what u got the first time around and if u fuck with them...u might be limiting ur maturity, but to that i really dont know...try it on a few and let me know.

    and again its like weed in where the 'stuff' is.

    yea i guess there is opates in the stem and roots but to what extent i dont know. i know if the 'fields' they only have the 'hips' and plow under the rest.

    and ur not harvesting the seeds...ur harvesting the resin that forms in the hip around the seeds. that is why u cut the slits, so it oozes out of where the seeds are. keep the seeds for the next grow season. they seed really easy from those hips. make sure they are big, fat and juicy before u cut them. that way the seed will mature in the pod as well as u get the most out of the plant that u can. im sorry i dont know a way to tell u when they are the hairs turn 2/3 brown. all of this is observational...i dont really grow them myself but ive been in the poppy fields a few times and have watched them harvest it.
  7. you harvest about 10 days after the peddles fall off the pod.

    ... why can't other people try to answer my questions?....

    i read a book about opium and in it, it talked about cutting the first pod. But the author said he never tried it himself, so i was wondering if anyone here did. But i guess not, i tried it and we will see what happens. I'll report back later if anything happened or didn't happen.

    It takes a lot of pods to get a few grams of opium, thats why i want to do an extraction. I don't want to have a damn acre of poppys. Well i heard of extractions for it before, i just don't know if its just a simple water extraction or if you use alcohol. I don't want any opium to go to waist.

    I don't need seeds, well if i could get seeds of diffrent kinds that would be cool, but the plant will grow back year after year.

    I planted one of my seedling poppys today, if it makes it alright i'll have all my others out soon. I don't really want any around the house, they still are illegal even though most people don't know it. Theres a field not to far from my house that nobody ever goes around anymore and i plan to spread my poppy love around there.

    Oh i also planted a male marijuana plant about 3 miles away from my females today, the strain is C99. This is the first year i'd tried this strain, it looks really good so i kept one male to get some seeds. I might cross it with BCcouchlock. Who knows... i'm really bored so i'm outta here.

  8. I think its cause most people dont have much experience with opium. Its not a very common thing these days I dont think. Its sort of an 'out-of-style' drug...but thats just the impression I get from my area.

    I would be interested in learning a little about growing and extracting them tho... I'm pretty sure its worth like $30 a gram for a nasty piece of wax.

    Does anyone have any pictures of what its supposed to look like?
  9. i know Nubin talked about it before on here, you can probably find the old threads on a search.

    I think i got the basic idea for everything i need to know.

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