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  1. Anyone ever tried these? I first heard aobut them from Fear and Loathing and then did some research but I wasn't really able to find out much.
  2. did you erowidulate that shit?
  3. Amyl nitrate, butyl nitrate and etc (in case you want to look it up under different names). I've never tried them myself, but for recreational use, I'm pretty sure you're better off playing with nitrous.
  4. ive always heard poppers as a little tiny bowl that you basically clear in one hit
    slowly light the bowl, slowly suck in... keep burning the bowl... once the first piece of pot falls through the ball, you suck as hard as you can, and it clears the bowl....

    thats poppers at my place
  5. Eww, you suck ash on purpose?! I hate getting ash in my mouth.

    OP I don't know what poppers are.

  6. i think they're talking about amyl nitrite and related substances, not the bong trick.

    as far as i know, most kinds of poppers are currently illegal in the states (though i remember hearing that another alkyl-nitrite has recently come onto the market and is not yet illegal) but are more widespread in europe (which is where a friend of mine got some).
    you take a big sniff from a bottle, you get a crazy headrush and your face gets real flush. it goes very well with marijuana. it relaxes the sphincter if you're into anal sex (you'll often find it at sex shops for this reason)

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