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    Alright, now before I tell you this bull shit story, let me explain some history. I got caught smoking/drinking my junior year of high school, and my parents freaked out because of the weed, tried to send me to rehab but I refused to go. I slowly regained their trust, and even though I smoked every weekend my senior year they thought I had stopped and started to trust me again. Then this summer I smoked way too much, mom started to get suspicious, but I talked myself out of that and then cut back a bit.

    Then I decide to bring four grams of dro and a 1 hitter to school, all held inside my sunglass case. It couldn't even be smelled from a foot away, and I held it on me just so my parents wouldn't find it looking through my stuff. We then get to my dorm room, and I think they're about to leave so I put my zipper hoodie (with the sunglass case in its pocket) on a bedpost in the corner of the room. But all of a sudden an RA comes and says I have to be at the welcome speech, so I have to dip. I didn't want to leave my shit in my room w/ my rents still in there, but it was hot as hell out and I didn't want to put the zipper hoodie on in front of them, and they were going to leave any second. Well, apparently seconds before they left (accorinding to older bro who was w/ them and smokes too) my mom finds the sunglass case, says something about how she thought I had lost my sunglasses (retarded, no reason for her to think that), and opens up the case.

    Well BAM there's fucking weed in it and they trip balls. I get out of the speech oblivious, dad tells me to come out by the car. I have no idea anything is going on, but when I come up next to him I see this bulge in one of his pockets that's shaped like my sunglass case. But then I realize he has sunglasses on, so I just hope it's his case. Well, then he pulls MY case out of his pocket, and I'm just standing there like OH FUCK. Well he tells me I have two options: I can either go back home to the community college (hell no), or I can stay and get enrolled in rehab (hell no again). I refuse and tell him I'll pay for school myself if those are my only options. I'm 18 and I have the money to cover the first year, so I thought I'd be good. But he threatened to get me kicked out of the school with a few phone calls (he had my weed, he could have), so I didn't know what to do. I ended up missing meetings I was supposed to be attending to try and convince my parents to just let me stay at the school. I kept trying to tell them it was my life, let me screw it up, but they weren't going. They care too much. My dad is a doctor, and he has all these insane views about pot smokers, telling me retarded stories about his druggy patients, and when I'm trying to argue with him he kept on saying I was CLASSIC TEXTBOOK drug addict, everything he ever reads about them, I was saying. Which personally I know is bull shit, I know I'm not addicted, but he wouldn't listen to a word I'd say.

    I eventually got them to leave me at school w/ no rehab, but I had to promise them I wouldn't smoke once the next four years. alsdkjf;lkajsdf;lkjasdkfj;alsdflaks. I think I'm going to quit for at least a whole year now, so when they drug test me (my dad claims I'm "gone" and a complete druggy, so I'm sure the tests will come, hospital tests too) I'll pass them and mayb they will just lay off. I'm also thinking about going cold turkey this year, earning enough money next summer to become truly independent of them, and then tell them to get the fuck out of my life.
    I just can't believe this shit happened. I got away with a year and a half of constant toking, and then at LITERALLY the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND I get popped. Who has that bad of luck???????????????????????????
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    Wall of text crits you for over 9000!

    edit: also, that sucks. Your parents say they care then threaten to have you kicked out of school with a phone call? Yeah that sounds right
  3. beat me to it
  4. pretty much asking him to break the epic wall of text into readable paragraphs to help us all out
  5. the only solution to your problems is to gettt really really really baked and think of a good plan to solve your problems.

    .... i dont get all you kids like ill pay myself mom ha you feel independent, fuck that for my tuition i would quit weed i dont have to as my parents know i smoke and i pay for my own college at fucking god damn 17 gs a semester thats 34,000 a year woot!, but i mean just pay your own college and do wtf you want plus your dad had the weed not you at that point he couldn't get you kicked not his business, unless you sign a release form your parents dont even have a right to see your grades unless you show them.... so i mean gl with everything
  6. yea my bad, hope that's better
  7. Sucks how not going to the university is doing exactly that ( more or less).

    If I were you, I would just enroll in the "rehab"; reason being its going to be for MJ, meaning just a weekly meeting, and you may even learn something.

    But all in all I'm very sorry to hear of your plight, and hope all works for the best.
  8. Criticle hit here, sir.
  9. I read the whole thing and its depressing, I know how you feel tho, my whole family thinks imma druggie for smoking "dope" as they call it, but I could care less, if you have a reason for smoking weed, id say keep lightin it up, thats what I would do anyways
  10. Well one of the major reasons I don't think I'll keep lightin up (at least for this school year) is that I can use my dad's money to pay for school for now, and that's worth taking a break for me. Hell, I'll get extra chopped if I smoke in the summer, back to that zero tolerance. But yea if I earn enough money this summer to make sure I can pay for at least the next year of school, then I'm going to confront my dad about it again; get together a good bit of information about civil disobedience, and how just because it's illegal doesn't mean its terrible. I dunno I'll have plenty of time to come up with something.

  11. haha my mom called it dope when she caught me smoking in the garage. she was like "were you smoking dope?" and i thought she meant coke and i was like "nah i dont do coke"........ haha i was blitzed that day

    but that sucks dude that you have to quit. hopefully your parents will back the fuck off and give you some space. you're in college they need to cut the umbilical
  12. when my parents found my shit they flushed it down the toilet...my dad used to smoke a bunch and it was mad good shit, so it killed him to flush it but had to cause of my ma dukes...but they were understanding, even when my mom found my shit...

    im paying for my entire college tuition with covers 2 years...and totals over 100 K and its all in my name so whatever you do, you cant be worse off than some people...and i still smoke every day...helps me forget the debt :smoking:
  13. What you should do man is educate your parents, they obviously dont know a thing about marijuana. From what you said they sound very ignorant.
  14. Dope is heroin.
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    Wait, you're in college... Screw your parent's rules!

    And you're a classic drug addict!? wtf is this... I would pay for my own school (like I am) and tell your parents to suck it (not literally). I don't think that your dad would really have you kicked out, would he?

  16. Man, parents will ALWAYS throw curve balls at you.

    My dad smokes and he knows I do (he sparked one with me like 3 weeks ago). But my mom (who i live with during the summer mostly) is like on a "don't ask, don't tell" basis. I mean, I smoke almost everyday and she has to at least notice some smells or something but she says nothing about it. I suppose she assumes I am too smart a kid to do that...but my dad she used to smoke so whatever.

    Yeah mom, I guess paying this visa bill is important. ( I'll just wait for my next check tho so I can get an 8th now lolz)

  17. ^^ True that. My parents found my bong on the first day of school when I was moving into my dorm because it was in a bag that all the clothes had been taken out of, so it was no longer hidden in them haha. My Dad was all "Oh! It's a waterpipe!" Nothing happened though, because they recognize my right to choose the way I want to live my life. Hope that stuff gets sorted out man, best of luck in college. :smoking:
  18. You don't sound like a bad kid.


    I would have flipped and said ok ruin my life since you think I've done in make me get kicked out of school and ruin everything I worked for if you really care about me right then walk away if he does never talk to him again.

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