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Poppa, I know how you just LOVE the fanfare!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. Congrats, Poppa!!!!

    You have surpassed the 2800 mark! I thought that you deserved a thread dedicated just to you and your amazing accomplishment.

    So, here ya go....tell us a story!!!!

  2. ya, i wanna story!!!! kids, sit down and listen ..::angry parent look::..
  3. tap,tap,tap
  4. He's ignoring the fanfare.

    ::::: he'll give in soon and tell us kiddies a fucking story :::::
  5. out.........Sid
  6. Come on Poppa.............. Give a speech or something!!!
  7. shh..hes busy with Ashley judd, being the famous moviestar he is now :p
  8. Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock...
  9. By not giving in, he's just teasing...seems like I've accused Poppa of being a tease before....
  10. Damn I just saw this post here at the end of the day. You posted up after I finished lunch and had to get back to work. Long hard week on Poppa. Let me see if if I can remember a good story that has happened lately.

    Tractor trailer hauling bees stinging the newspaper salesman at the intersection... done told that one. But it was the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

    One afternoon I am driving the peeps (that's words for you little indian dude) out to eat and we are stopped at the light. I am on a 4 lane street trying to get across a busy street. The main street is a 4 lane divided highway with a grass median with two left turn lanes at the light. So if you can picture it, its a busy type intersection. I get caught at the light and am first in line to cross, which means the light will take 32.45 minutes before I ger the green signal.

    Being an astute observer of the human species, I look around to see what's happening. Like any major intersection in a city, there are guys at every light selling newspapers. And lo and behold there is a guy standing in the median across from em selling papers. Well, a tractor trailer pulls up in the left turn lane (sorry for our Brit and Ozzy friends becuase your traffic is fucked up and have no clue to what I am describing) and is waiting for his light to turn green so he can pull onto the street I am coming from.

    I start watching the tractor trailer becuase I like trucks and notice he has a funny load. He's pulling a flatbed loaded down with crates on the back. I notice the crates are tarped down with a net type tarp and am trying to figure out what he's hauling. The road the guy is trying to turn on leads straight to Florida, so I figure he's hauling some kind of fruit or vegatable crates that need to be delivered at a farm. He's waiting for his light to turn green, which should take 35.78 minutes to turn green because he has to wait for my intersection to go across first before his turn lane is signalled to go.

    As I am looking at the truck I finally figure out what he is hauling: BEEs. A truckload of honey bee hives. I've seen these before, they haul them acroos the country all the time to polinate crops here in the USA. There is more money for beekeepers to get paid by commercial farms to polinate crops now rather than selling honey. Well, the beehives under the tarps are full of bees becuase after the truck has stopped for a while bees start flying around the truck. It must not be a complete enclosure with the tarp, probably a few hundred bees flying around. Now this is no big deal to anybody, that is except for the poor guy selling newspaper rigfht there by the truck. Bees flying all around him and he gets stung about four or five times.

    I know I shouldn't have but I couldn't help but laugh. I mean what are the odds of getting stung by bees by a tarvelling bee hive truck.

    I hope this story is funny. I could have told the story about driving down the interstate and getting passed by the Oscar Myer weinermobile and me making crude gestures resembling oral sex to the girls driving the giant hotdog car
  11. You are so bad, Poppa! So very very bad!!!! ;)

  12. I got another funny story but involves my profession and am hesitant to tell it. But I met a groupie that has a thing for people who do my job and everyone I told it to laughed and said she is sick and weird to have the hots for geeks like us.

    What was worse, laughing at the bee stings or making blowjob faces to the weiner girls???
  13. yay for poppa. masterful elephant stomps all over the keyboard there my good man.

    glad to see every post celebration you have. i felt really horrible on the day i had more posts than you. been scaring me many times the thought of overtaking even more peeps, such as sensi. cmon gurl... i cannot hit 4200 before ya!
  14. Good story Poppa...

    Was that you making the blowjob faces??? LOL
  15. lol.....i liked that one, stung 5 times for selling newspapers, ps did the tractor driver actually buy a papaer or did the guy get stung for nothing?.........and the weird p[art is that i got every bit that you described.........watched to many movies from out.........Sid

  16. The guy was standing in the median selling papers, the truck pulled into the adjacent lane to the median to make a turn across traffic. The bees used the opportunity of the truck stopping to fly around and see where they were and just decided to pester the newspaper seller. Tough brake.

    Bud was that you in the back seat of the Hotdog car? I just thought it was an old ugly bald headed lady, but on second thought that describes you to a T! LOL :D

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