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  1. Well on my part I do not like most police officers...there are some out there that do a damn fine job at what they do but then you have those that just love to ruin your day... any way possible..

    Allright lets brake this down Police
    "To Protect and Serve"

    To Protect To Stop any harm coming to a Human Being.
    To Serve say a cop stops and helps some one with a flat tire that is what they Should be doing but these days it seems like all they like to do is bust kids with nothing more than a fuckin dub on them In canada you would be givin a small ticket or nothing at all here your ass is going to fuckin jail for What? For trying to get a Buzz allmost the same exact buzz as Liquor or beer gives you except not as fuckin strong so why is it illegal cause we have some stupid Old grey haird white ppl "im white" in the Government who say Marijuana is wrong because all they look at are the Disadvantages like
    It IS Addicting so they keep it Illegal..i dunno damn alot of typing ... i gotta smoke some weed n listen to music...

    AMERICA WOULD BE BETTER OFF IF WEED WAS LEGAL...were gonna get nuked one day i just fuckin know it...
  2. good job you are a hero at grasscity

  3. False.

    But good post otherwise.
  4. cops aren't mechanics and mechanics aren't cops..

    i personally respect cops because they havn't been unfair to me once.. i've never even actually had to talk to one except for asking directions..
  5. Well then your lucky but around here all the cops are assholes sry you guys got it better than I do lol and weed is too Addictive because like when i aint got any i want some :p lol
  6. Key word is WANT and not need. Big difference.
  7. in the words of the kings DROP A BOMB ON THE PLANET AND WATCH IN EXPLODE

  8. have u gotten high more than once? yea thats cuz its addictive, if you didnt like it u wouldnt of kept on doin it, being an addict and having something be addictive are 2 different things, cuz maybe u like a certain food, its addictive cuz u do it more than once and enjoy it

    but neway, the reason weed is illegal is because (according to GRASS a documentary on weed) when mexicans were immigrating up here they brought the tradition of smokin weed and we were tryin to suppress immigration, same reason opium is illegal, to prevent asian immigration.
  9. Some cops r gay and some cops r tight where i live.Like 2 weeks ago i was in my car with my friends and my friends were rollen blunts and a cop came to our window and he just wanted to see what we were doin he didnt even care that my friend had a blunt right by his face.

  10. sorry dude but your wrong just because you do something more than once doesnt mean its addictive i like smoking weed but the definition of being addicted to something is NEEDING it i havent had any in a week and i feel great because i dont need it i just like it just like i like nice cars and drive a lexus doesn't mean i am addicted to cars and need them to survive and i dont need to drive or anything i could be just as happy taking a bus
  11. I don't really hate cops, but at the same time I don't exactly like them?

    Most cops around here are complete and total assholes, but there are the few who are actually pretty cool. Wish there were more than a few..
  12. i call em fluberrys.......

    every time a berry searched me, i had paraphenelia on me, but they never find it......
  13. i hate most pigs... ..always out looking to ruin somebody day ...just ther other day some big angry military man pulled my buddy over and gave him a $14 ticket for not making a complete stop at a stop sign... ..wtf is that? llol.... ....there are a few who really want to help people and make a differnece.... ..but for the most part ...... FUCK DA POLICE!!!!..... ..NWA..
  14. I totally agree that weed should be legal. It is so dumb that it isnt. Almost ne reason that people say y it shouldnt be legal i have something to say back to it. BUT the government says no and they are the ones in charge. Dammit.

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