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Discussion in 'General' started by KraziHare, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. Popo driving is a dangerous condition that often effects those who may be driving stoned or paranoid. They'll see a white, roundish car behind them and assume it's a cop, at which point they'll begin driving 20 mph and turn at the first opportunity (usually left). I myself have a white, roundish car so it happens to me most any time i'm driving late at night. If I were actually a cop I'd be able to pick out the popo drivers easily. I implore you to focus on getting where you're going in the most innocuous way possible since I can now spot a popo driver from a mile away simply because it's happened so much.

    This message was brought to you by Stoners Against Popo Driving
  2. please dont drive (or buy) white cars that scare the crap outta people by looking like a cop car. :D

    This message was brought to you by stoners against white cars.

    (having said that, i do think you all should pay attention to krazi's advice)
  3. yea. i hate old people in the big white crown victorias. if you're not a cop you shouldnt drive those damn things. it pisses me off and scares the shit out of me when im drunk, speeding, or high.
  4. i was just thinking I'd like to have a white crown vic so I could harass people. lol. Mebbe a newer white impala then, since they have those all over my home town now.
  5. omg i Sooo got this thing about white VANS following me everywhere...
    ok mabye this dont apply
    ok maybe i can make it
    white viechals suck........lol

    *but i still wonder why those vans follow me :D

  6. :D

    do i hear a stoners against white cars slogan?
  7. yea. fuck white cars.
  8. I always wanted to buy one of those cop cars off of ebay under crown vics section. They still have the cage up in the back and the lights and sirens on them. I don't think it's illegal to have them, only to use them... I'd have so much fun in one of those things..

    In cleveland theres the notorious sting ray corvette cop car, that thing always drives around during indian, browns, lumberjack, crunch, ect games downtown.... It looks so damn slick..
  9. in my home town they have 12 (yes 12) undercover unmarked cars. They have new and old, good condition and beater, trucks, cars, and suvs in all colors. That's why I always hang out in the next county since it's only 5 minutes away. The cops in my home town are dicks, too. All they care about is giving people tickets and never do any real police work. Shit, when I totaled my car I was given a ticket for it. There's nothing like using every last penny of the money you get from selling your car to the junkyard to cover the towing and the ticket.
  10. what'd you get a ticket for? I mean, like what law did you supposedly break when you crashed?

    That reminds me of when i used to live in a town called kirtland in ohio. I was smoking a mini cigar and this cop pulled me over and was like what ya smoking son? And i was like, a cigar buddy. Then i asked why he pulled me over, and he was like, oh uhh... You crossed over the line a few times.. blah blah.. and he gave me warning and drove off....

    I knew that he thought i was smoking a joint...
  11. my ticket was for pulling out in front of someone. It was a bad place to pull out because there was a blind hill. It was 9 at night and I got hit by an old black ford truck that i'm not sure had it's lights on. I didn't see it until if was about 20 yards from me. It t-boned my door at 50-55 mph. I got so fucked in that accident because I only had liability and it was deemed my fault. Now there's a light there. I guess the cops got tired of cleaning up 5 or 6 wrecks a month there.
  12. the cops pulled my friends over once, searched them, found a bag of weed, and left it on the roof of the car. said they were lookin for coke. it seemed a little unbelivable, but i dont know.
  13. The girl I used to be with drove a 92 mercury sable that could easily be mistaken as a cop car. I only drove the POS a few times and she never let me drive up on parties to freak high-schoolers out. What a boring girl

  14. That would be incredible. Like a get out of jail free card.

  15. honestly wouldnt one of those be great.....
  16. I think you should all just sell your cars and find some other way of getting around but no you cant do that.

    this message was brought you by stoners against pollution
  17. hell yea. monopoly rules.

  18. this has actually happened to some friends and i....

    he even gave our shit back..... he was certain we had "other drugs"... thoughwe didn't so he didn't bother.... just tore the car apart and told us to be careful then left....

    i think some of them are just lookin for the more serious things, ya know...
  19. yea i think it depends on the town, i guess some towns have worse shit to worry about then a couple of kids with a bag of weed.
  20. I couldn't even believe this,

    i drove throug this small town just a little out of palm springs a while ago and i saw a cop car with no lights but all painted cop style

    it was a 2000 civic! what the hell is that?

    if it was dark i would never have been able to tell! Thats bullshit!! AAHHH!!!

    If more cops started using imports i would be FUCKEd! i can identify almost any car just by the headlights and tailights and if this was a new trend i would have to slow down all the fuckin time!!

    fuckin i would probably run from a civic though, especially if it was a curvy ass road out in the middle of nowhere

    oh well i can still smoke out though, here is my method

    well its not really a method i guess, i just use a torch lighter to light the bong and keep it down low and no one can tell you are smoking cause there is no repeating lighter flash just use a bong that you can put on your seat like between your legs and then have the chamber reach up high enough to hit without bending down to far

    it works for pipes too if you cover the bowl with your hand

    i love driving blazed it is super fun

    i guess its a lot easier doing this in the LA area cause of all the 8 lane freeways and cars all over the place to hide in

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