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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Who eats it?

    Whats your favorite kind??

    Some one told me that popcorn is the one thing that most people all over the world eat..

    I don't care for the micro wave popcorn.. I like it popped on the stove!!!!!
  2. i eat popcorn. il ike it anyway, jiffy pop, microwave, but my favorite is real movie theater popcorn with hella butter.

    i was going to say something else but i cant quite remember what.
  3. Oh man i love popcorn when I'm baked. My friend Joe took it to a totally different level though. We had just finished off 2bowls and a joint of some regs and were really high, when the munch hit. We made some extra butter popcorn and I also melted a huge bowl of butter for it. He just dumps the popcorn into the butter and grabs a spoon and starts eatin the shit like cereal...
    It still gives me the chills.
  4. i like them big tubs of popcorn that have like butter, cheese and caramel. splendid
  5. White Cheddar is the best kind man. I can eat bags of it.
  6. I lkike the tins with the three different kinds in it too!!!!

    If you don't add to much extra butter and salt to i, It's even good for you...
  7. HIGH All, mmmmmm pet peeve...hate those kennals getting in the teeth *LOL*.

    Rocdog just made some for Woodbug last night and it was a no name microwave type.
  8. oh yeah and i love that sweet butter popcorn with sugar in the butter. mm thats damn good.
  9. My Mom eats popcorn like its her job. Making that shit all the time. Not a huge fan of it, unless its white cheddar or caramel.
  10. Kettle corn....mmmmmmm *drools*
  11. butter is better :D
  12. I like sweet popcorn, I went to an american air base once with a friend (he is american) and we had popcorn with this melted butter shit on it, its horrible....
  13. Toffee Popcorn, 60p i think for a big bag of it down the shop, mmmmmm...i might go and get some now, i've got the munchies.
  15. has anyone tried to make cannibutter and put that on popcorn? i'm sure it'd be a perfect way to walk around and get stoned. the only downside would be any butter that gets to the bottom. :(
  16. hell yeah white cheddar is the best. popcorn is one of my favorite munchie foods of all time. Its cheap takes 3 minutes to cook and one bag is good for atleast 2 people.
  17. yeah man, white or regular cheddar popcorn is the most kickass, although its pretty hard to beat Crackerjacks...

    cheese popcorn doesnt come with puzzles and shit, does it.

    btw, Heath popcorn is pretty fuckin fly...
  18. Yea, I forgot and kracker jacks ans fiddle faddle...

    Roll out the carmel and peanuts!!!!!!!!

    Whooooooooo hoooooooo! I'ma stoneda!!!!!!!

  19. But its now on the must try sometime list :D
  20. Act 1. extra butter but only when im high

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