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  1. Appear stunted 8 days after sprout. Yellowing of leaves, especially the cotyledons. Grayish(?) color on the pic showing the underside of the leaves.


    Grow Tent -- 75F with good circulation
    Light -- 6500K T5s right on top of them
    Rockwool temp -- 80F
    **Humidity -- 15 to 20%

    **Bought humidifier two days ago that raised levels to 40-45%.

    I water with RO only when the cubes are almost bone dry.


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  2. start feeding them some nutes, start low ec 0.2 make sure you got micro nutes in there too.
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    Those do not need nutes yet.Seedlings can go for weeks after sprouting w/o feeding.

    Either your light is to close which I doubt,or has to be a PH problem IMO.

    Humidity is a bit low as well.I think you want it above 25.

    Ohh,and they also should be planted by now IMO.Are you hydro,or going to soil?

  4. Flood and drain. I was a little concerned about the pH, as my meter cannot make up its mind when reading RO water.

  5. I can see they are yellowing at the tips, they need nitrogen. Seedlings have a tiny amount of nutrients in them.

    RO has 0 nutes in it. He aint feeding them tap water.

    They don't need to be transplanted yet either.
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    missed your specs would you pick one up and smell the planter itself maybe a change in humidity maybe I doubt its nutrient deficiency

    These are clones or seedlings?

  7. Nitro deficiency starts as light green NEW growth.Not yellow,and brown tips.

    It's a PH issue.

  8. Clones do not have the round leaves like in the picture.Only seedlings.

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