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  1. I live at university at the moment and have no access to a television, so the normal adverts for the latest shitty pop artist's compendium of shit doesn't get shoved into my face as much as normal.
    I was sat in a pub with my friends the other day and they had some music channel on and like...Every music video was just a deeply unpleasant experience, I couldn't figure out what they were trying to convey but it all just seemed really "wrong". They were genuinely dark, scary images of people wearing scary masks all contrasted against attractive women shaking their asses erotically, another theme seemed to be people being "puppets" i saw some one direction video where they were on strings suspended under one of those cross things that they use to control puppets- I saw the same on a Lady Gaga video too.

    I don't know about the whole "illuminati" thing, but like...since taking some time away from TV and coming back to it on an isolated occasion, there was something that seemed deeply "fucked" about it and i found myself amazed how the general population can even tolerate watching these weird images for hours on end...it felt like it was turning my brain to soup.

    Does anyone else notice something really nasty and wrong about this shit or is it just me?
  2. Nope. When I grew up into an adult I learned to live and let live. Those videos you think are shit others may think are brilliant. 
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    You're taking a personal reaction to the video to how it affects you, your mind is trying to interpret "symbolism" by understanding what the visual is representing. I don't really pay attention to MTV music videos, this is gonna be random but those mask people remind me of Crash Bandicoot. 
  4. Just know that nsync did the puppet thing first and better.

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