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pop corn size bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coolcalin812, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. I got a quarter of these pop corn size bud for 85. did i get ripped off? That bud is the biggest in the bunch

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  2. Well as long as it weights 7 grams then you didnt get ripped off. I've gotten smaller buds like that before. It was actually pretty dank shit.
  3. Not sure what size has to do with it

    But the buds look good and yummy, a quarter for 85 is an okay price depending on where you live

  4. This. Size doesn't matter, it's all about weight. 7+ grams = in the clear
  5. Looks good, and 85/quad is a great price compared to most of the US. As long as they are still buds and not just a bunch of shake, it seems you've gotten your money's worth.
  6. Nah looks good buddy. If I ordered bone-in chicken from KFC and they gave me popcorn chicken I'd still enjoy it. ;)
  7. Looks a bit middy. Not the best camera though.
  8. Yeah I'd say over 10 a g you got ripped lol. Prices are different errwhere though.

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