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Poor Texan in california...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Omnimerc, Jun 6, 2009.

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    I am a loley Texan in Carlsbad San Diego Cali...I am here for my sisters wedding and the birth of her first child and I will be here for 4 days 2 of which are over already I took it upon myself too try and find some bud considering it was cali I figured it would be easy....

    I stand corrected I have been completely disappointed in this search so far is there anything I need too look for when finding it? I have asked pretty much everyone and they all either say no or not right now...

    I am going to delmar beach tomorrow what should I look for please help a fellow smoker out =)
  2. Cmon theres got to be tons of bud in cali, maybe your being too sketchy or something?
  3. I have no idea... I simply say "hey im here from fort worth texas im only here for 4 days do you know where I could score some bud?"
  4. Try starting some small talk.
    For example, "so, are you from around here'
    them; oh yea i live right over near_____'
    'oh thats kool, im from ____, just visiting for__, havin a good time, you know...
    them: blah blah blah
    you:blah blah blah then hey, you know where i could possibly score some weed/bud/chronic watever they say out there

    Im really horribly nervous in social situations like that, and i can never think of a good topic to randomly bring up, but thats what i came up with.
    Just try and act friendly, chill out a bit, if you look like your in a rush people will think your a paid informant (aka a narc)
  5. Sounds like a good plan xD well if anyone from cali would like to comment that would be awesome
  6. They probably arent responding since they are wrong section nazis and think this should be in apprentice
  7. First, look for people that look like they might blaze (obvious)
    then just go up and be like hey man sorry if me asking this is wierd but i was wondering if you new anybody that could hook me up with some bud?

    Honestly if they were a cool stoner they could at least point you in the right direction.

    I really havent met any un-friendly stoners
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    you could try staking out a head shop or gasstation and wating for some one who looks like they know. expecialyy if there walking out with some blunts or beer ect. and just strait up ask them "hey man can i ask you a question" yes? " would you be willing to sell me a bowl or two?" then explaint to them how your from the great state of texas (me duce) an u aint got a conect in town. i actually replied to another post just like this one check it out its great advice if i do say so myself. lol

    here it is*********

    :smoking::smoking:Ok so I’m getting the impression that you’re asking these questions because you don’t have a connection and your possibly planning on hitting someone up in public. If I’m wrong I apologize but if not I can help. I have done this many time with great success often on the first try, and mind you this is in a city where no one sells weed on the corner and so forth. First thing you what to do is relax if you live in the states you can’t get arrested for asking to buy weed off some guy. Next pick a location to stake out some of the ones I’ve used in the past are the local head shops, and gas station (these work the best) the gettoer the better. Head shops are often iffy because most stoners are already a little paranoid going in and out of these places to begin with I was once successful while on vacation in Florida with this tactic I waited for the guy to exit the store (always a must never ask when they’re on their way in) pipe screens in hand and hit him up its all in the way you ask if the guy looks like a hippy type white dude than use slang that this type of guy may use and if it’s a thug type gangsta don’t be afraid to use some hip-hop lingo you heard on the radio just don’t overdo it example “say man can I ask you a question? (Don’t seem to timed) “You think I could buy a bowl or two off you?” or “you know where I could get some bud?” just sit in you ride outside the getto gas station and wait for someone to buy blunt wraps, cigs, or beer, that looks like they smoke and ask away don’t get discouraged you will defiantly find someone. Finding a dealer that will sell to some stranger that hit him up in front of the gas station is kinda hard. Even though you know that this tatted up sketchy cat with 24’’ rims on his 23 year old car sells something. He is less likely to take this risk on someone he doesn’t know. rather than focusing on finding a dealer try for someone in your position (the end user) you can usually tell by their reaction to the first thing you ask them, just read their face if they know where or have a sac on em you’ll be able to tell. If you feel like they do follow it up with “yea man I can’t get a hold of my guy and I’m just tryin to get high.” Followed by an offer after all you got to get them to relate to you I know we have all been there. Follow this up with an offer letting them know you’re the one taking the risk “I’ll give you 5 bucks for a bowl” or ill trade you a beer for a bowl.” I can’t tell you how many times this worked and after you find a guy with weed then you work on getting him to get you a sac or to hook you up with his connect sometimes he is the connect. It’s a lot like a sales job don’t be a afraid to be pushy if you have established that they smoke. You can offer to give then most of the sack if they can hook you up with one or get you the connect but don’t ask for a connect (a dealers number) until they have gotten or are getting you the stuff and boom your off to the races. Just don’t act like a pussy or get discouraged if someone you ask looks down there nose at you after all you don’t have shit on you I meen if you did you wouldn’t be asking right!!!!!!!!!:wave:

    good luck hommes let us know how you make out pics would be nice
  9. just be like i need trees to anyone and everyone

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