Poor man's super lazy cloning worked!

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  1. I read all about cloning and everything I would need to get it right. In my online research, I came across one comment in the forums somewhere and the commenter said something like, "I cut them and throw them in a glass of water and get 90% rooting success."

    Well, I had nothing invested in my clones, monetarily or emotional, so about 3 weeks into my flower stage, I cut 5 little branches from the bottom of my plant just to see what happens so I would at LEAST have the experience of killing clones and know what definitely would not work. One of them I wrapped in a cut up green dish washing pad. Super janky. But it worked! Rooted and everything! Pics below!

    The rest of them I threw in the remaining Rapid Rooters that I had left over and threw them in a little container with water and threw a hose in there for some air bubbles and covered it with a fish bowl. After 3 weeks, ALL 4 had rooted! No hormones, no nothing. Just Rapid Rooters and PH'd water with oxygen fed into it.

    So now I have the problem of having 4 monster cropped clones that are ready to go and only a 2'x2'x5' tent to grow in! So I'm working on plans for an outdoor guerrilla grow. Any advice you have on that I would appreciate very very very much. Cheers!

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