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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to share some pictures from my current setup:

    Light: 400w MH with a DIY ventilated(2PC fans) hood + 2x50w CFL for sides and clones.
    Strains: The one in black pot is a ~3 weeks old bagseed and the rest are landraces.
    Medium: The biggest plant(which is bent a bit) is grown in coco coir + (aged) sheep manure + perlite + some bat guano and the rest are pretty much the same mixture with more or less stuff in it.

    p.s. The whole setup costs less than $100 (now it's 800w and costs ~$120) which includes light, pots, soil, nutrients and pretty much everything. (cheap bastard LOL)

    *peace and love*

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  2. If those cords are there to stay I think you should wrap them in electrical tape then white duct tape to poor-mans-setup 'waterproof' it
    Beautiful plants!
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  3. Thank you
    Well, those cables are in (sort of) safe place(hanging in the air and even if I cut them somehow, they'll fall somewhere far from pots or water) and they're just carrying only 5v or so. The cable for bulb is coming through the ceiling and there is no way that any of those cables come into contact with water but thanks for noticing that.
    (and yeah, being lazy sucks so forgive my Libra-ness please :D)
  4. lol this is what I meant by "safe":

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  5. Lol I thought you had your 400w running off that also
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  6. electrician.jpg
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  7. What's that plant in the back?
  8. If you mean that colorful psychedlic-looking one it's called Coleus:
    Coleus - Wikipedia baby4.jpg

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  9. Yeah, you'll be shocked if you search more about its varieties and different types. Personally I'm just in love with it.
    Check this out, you may enjoy this one as well: Caesalpinia Gilliesii - A truly beautiful plant
  10. poor man set up or not they look heathy and happy they must like the energy!!!
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  11. Thank you!
    Had a lot of problems and hard times even keeping a seedling alive for 2 weeks and right when I stopped the rocket surgery, they just started their growth. No (special)nutrient no meter no bullshit no nothing.
    (special thanks and respect to @SG1)
  12. I grow Coleus too! I like how they grow fast, root easily from cuttings, are pretty forgiving, and just how nice they look!
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  13. Yeah so true!
    (cloning it is so damn addictive, just can't stop doing it even though I have no space left for them!)
  14. Ya, like everytime I break a branch off or something, I just want to root it! What other kinds of plants do you have?
  15. Since they're unmentionable, I'll just refer to them as DTR(Digital Tape Recoder) STRMN and PSN(PlayStation Network)HMLK so I won't disrespect any "forum guidelines" :D
    I'm currently looking for Mandrake(Comic strip character) but unfortunately couldn't find any.
  16. Hahahahaha! Maybe you should start a thread of your indoor garden in the gardening section of the forums. :Love-Plant:
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  17. Update: now it's 400w MH + 400w HPS with some new cuttings here and there.
    setup_updated1.jpg setup_updated2.jpg

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